The KSK Friday Wrap Up: Sunset on Sexy Friday

08.29.14 3 years ago 584 Comments

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Over the summer Ape and I talked a bit about what we wanted to do with KSK in the upcoming season to make it a better experience for the readers while keeping our sanity. I suggested we reconfigure how we dissect the Fun With Peter King posts, that going through the weekly MMQB was not only ridiculously time consuming — time that could be better spent on making funny posts we all enjoy instead of reading the travel coffee rantings of a crazy person, but it was going to drive someone to break around here. So we have and the shorter only-picking-out-the-stupidest-of-the-stupid PK rundowns have gone over quite well with you guys. We thank you for your support in that column’s transitional phase.

One of Mike’s suggestions was to get rid of Sexy Friday. Not only is it time consuming, but you guys know where to find pictures of hot women and men on your own. It feels like a huge throwback to when the site started a bazillion years ago and only two of the original KSK founders were married. Everyone’s older now and much like you no longer cut up Maxium’s Hot 100 and put the pictures in your locker so you can see some boobs between second period Spanish and third period chemistry because you’re an adult now with an office and job and sometimes you just need to get shit done without any cleavage hanging over you, we just felt like it was time to see if we can do without it for awhile. Most people use the post as a way to just chit-chat anyway, so let’s make it a chit-chat post without shaking-ass gifs for a change.

Again, this is a test and we’re not really sure what we want to do with our end of Friday post to top off the week, so let’s see how this goes.

KSK Week In Review:

We had great Prekakkes for the Jets, Bengals, Bucs, Cards, Vikings, Saints, Raiders, and Panthers. Old James designed everyone a football phone-shaped stadium and Silky Garrard made a visit to KSK  to help out his client Young Mark Sanchez.

Big Sandy took us through the Incomplete History of the Worst Moments in Raiders History and there was a throughout investigation of Russell Wilson’s boner on the cover of SI by PFT Commentator. We found peak Manning Face in Madden 15 and discovered Tim Horton’s Buffalo Crunch Doughnut.

David Rappoccio continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, this time with NFL logos smoking weed. Odds are at least two-three of us might indulge and look at them over the weekend.

We said “FUCK YOU” to this shit storm of an offseason which I like to think lead to Roger Goodell admitting he made a mistake in how he handled the Ray Rice suspension.

Our gambling column Always Be Covering returned for the season and Ufford told a reader he was lucky to break off an engagement. A new column Breaking Fantasy was announced for the season while we said goodbye to our weekends without football.

Don’t forget that RobotsFightingDinosaurs is launching his interactive Madden 15 and Twitch column on Sunday afternoon to see if he can get the Raiders to the Super Bowl. Post will go live at 1 ET/ 10 PT and the game starts at 2 ET/ 11 PT.

It’s also our fearless leader Christmas Ape’s birthday on Sunday, so be sure to flood him with birthday wishes. (I’m typing this now while he’s on a plane back to DC, so he’ll be too far out of range to kill me by the time he sees this.)

Have a good weekend everyone.

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