Cop: Academy’s The Mixtape Was Better Shirt

05.12.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

The big homie Mick sent out his newsletter earlier, detailing his travels & experiences with NY Mag, Roc4Life, Redbull and more. Yeah, big tings gwan on so check him out when you get a chance. But I was completely distracted by the newsletter’s leading image. More specifically, Mick’s shirt that he was wearing in the photo.

Three times dope and all the way acknickulous.

Interest piqued, I shot an inquiry over, found out the designers and where to cop.

Academy Printwear (aP) happen to be the minds behind this fine shirt and they hustle from the url Turns out aP is more than just apparel but you can read all of that for yourself when you get there. I ended up copping the black and will probably end up snatching the white as well. Honestly, I could use a couple of each and I may end up splurging since all t’s on the site are on sale for $14 a pop. Finally, the perfect shirt for DJs, bloggers, fans and all. Says what we denizens of the ‘net oftentimes find ourselves typing & speaking. Hell, there’s a few rappers I’d consider sending these to because it seems like mere words aren’t getting the point through.

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