With Jesus By Her Side, Sweet Brown Escapes Fire To Become An Internet Celebrity

04.12.12 6 years ago 19 Comments

Photo: Warming Glow

My mother always said in the slim chance the news ever decides to interview me that, if I valued my life, I best not embarrass her. It’s a good thing Sweet Brown isn’t related to my mama. Look, I’ll be honest with the world. I’ve been laughing at this video for the past 48 hours after my boy Brad shot it over to me. Maybe it was the fact she said “bob-a-quin,” or the fact she believed she caught bronchitis from the smoke or maybe that lonely dude walking in the back trying to get TV time, but every second of the video is comedy in a box.*

As seen with Antoine Dodson in 2010, the Internet gravitates to people with magnetic personalities and ignorant catchphrases. Sweet Brown is just an all around great person whose vivid storytelling ability would make Biggie Smalls proud had he been here to see it. Her chapped lips be damned, this video is about as fresh as they come. Tell Durant and Westbrook to slide over. Oklahoma City’s newest star just arrived.

OKC Apartment Complex Catches Fire, 5 Units Damaged [KFOR]

* – It appears no one injured in the fire, which is always a good thing. Here’s to hoping everyone affected gets to move back in their apartments sooner than later. Especially Sweet Brown.

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