The Real Husbands Of Hollywood Starring Kevin Hart, Jermaine Dupri, Nelly, Bobby Brown & Nick Cannon

06.27.11 6 years ago 31 Comments

The BET Awards was what it was, which is about the same that can be said of any show of its ilk. Littered with lowlights (the Chris Brown/Rihanna joke gone wrong) and highlights (Patti LaBelle and Free), the show’s shining moment may have actually resulted in a skit. Kevin Hart continues to ride his wave of popularity and with the Real Husbands Of Hollywood, he may have stumbled on to something.

With the premise of the sketch centering around what I’m assuming is the Real Housewives series, Hart, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Nick Cannon and the incomparable Bobby Brown shoot the sh*t. They crack jokes on one another, accuse each other of sleeping with the other’s woman, play the Eminem card with Nick and throw drinks once the situation becomes too heated; pretty much what I’d imagine goes on in the RHO(insert city).

So why not churn out a few episodes of this and see where it goes? Hart’s appeal is through the roof right now. Nelly is just sitting on stacks of money. J.D. is doing the same. Nick Cannon, while a cash cow these days and dealing with fatherhood, could do well on a show like this. And Bobby Brown is just good comedic TV waiting to happen. In some board room in New York City right now, best believe VH1 is already tossing around the idea. Because think about it, if the Braxtons – or any of these – can command a show, what’s exactly stopping this from landing one?

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