Chances Are You Would Dump Halle Berry Too

05.01.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

For as far as you probably can remember, the name Halle Berry hasn’t only been the moniker of your ideal wifey, it has become the genericized term for any chick whose sex appeal was off the charts. From glorifying her in song, to convincing the world that bad acting equated to great awards, the level of praise Ms. Berry has attained has rivaled most demigods. But, as it still remains, staying involved isn’t her strong suite. This Capt. Obvious revelation comes on the heels of her breakup with yet another companion, scented magazine-ad supermodel Gabriel Aubry. No qualms with the custody issues for their child or child support. Just simply “woman go thattaway!”

The case of “it’s me, not you” is becoming fairly routine for Catwoman (As if the reports of her being catty, clingy and distant weren’t enough.) Do remember it was David Justice who initialized the divorce from their first marriage and Eric “Blouse” Benet was hellbent on tagging every broad in the world except his loyal bride when they were together. And it wasn’t that long ago when Heavy D had her calling him “Big Daddy” on his waterbed. You would think that this would be enough for him to jumpstart his career again with an album – or three – but nope, nothing. The kind of bragging rights that would have made him king of poker night never reached an MP3.

So what could it be? This is Halle Berry we’re talking about. I’ve been anti-HB for as probably long as I can remember and I have my own speculation. Every time she enters Splitsville, it ignites water cooler talk for days and days but I would always pinpoint one particular assumption that generally gets overlooked…

Pretty self-explanatory don’t you think?

Because a reoccurring problem could go on for years and sometimes you need some extra vinegar. As a guy, you would think you can handle it, or just may be “a bad day.” But the jury is out for Billy Bob’s studio prop and no one is going to “go with the flow” forever, if the flow don’t know when to go.

The good news is that she’s already dating again. Like the last guy says to the next guy: “Better you than me, brother!”

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