The Women Of Cam’ron: Killa’s 7 Greatest Conversations

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Camron skits

Cam’ron Giles is a lot of things to a lot of people. Obviously, he’s a rapper. He’s a basketball player. He’s a leader. He’s also an actor. Businessman fits the description as well. Renegade pedophile hunter does too – he was in the process of filming his own To Catch A Predator series a couple years back which would have been nothing short of awesome had it been released, by the way.

That being said, another one of Cam’s many talents is that of “ladies man.” Male celebrities meet their fair share of women on a daily basis to a point where most guys’ fantasies are their realities. Cam’ron is no exception; except in the fact he has no problem taking the listener into his world with the opposite sex through various recorded conversations. They all revolve around him being an asshole, but that’s what make those momentary breaks from music so great.

To reminisce on Killa’s standout conversations, let us all take a trip, sit back in amazement and learn a few life lessons from this Harlem Diplomat.

Found: Purple Haze, “I’m A Chicken Head”

Scenario: Anyone who utilizes public transportation can vouch for how important bus passes are. Cam didn’t return this young lady’s passes and all hell proceeded to break loose. Or she could have been mad upon learning about other women in Killa’s life. It’s a toss up.

Female Quotable: “I’m a chicken, so I’m going to act like a chicken. Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, or whatever f*ckin’ sound they make.”

Cam Quotable: “That’s a duck! Get your sounds right. You wanna be a duck or a chicken?”

What We Learned: Never date a woman not in tune with the basic sounds of the animal kingdom. Who knows what she is capable of when she’s angry.

Found: Public Enemy #1, “Sh*tty Skit”

Scenario: Cam’s lady friend relieves herself in the bathroom then has the audacity to lay in Killa’s bed like she didn’t just take the Browns to the Super Bowl.

Female Quotable: “F*ck outta here. Bloodclot bwoy! Who the f*ck are you really?”

Cam Quotable: “No, there’s a bloodclot in your p*ssy! It’s that time of the f*ckin’ month!”

What We Learned: Only the person you plan on spending your life with is allowed to take a dump in your crib. And even then they should take a shower afterwards. Skid marks or worse (in this case) on your bed sheets are grounds for physical harm of mythical proportions.


Found: Crime Pays, “Grease”

Scenario: Cam and Grease – that’s her name – are not exactly seeing eye to eye. Grease is fed up with her feelings not being taken into consideration in their relationship, or whatever it is they have/had. Killa, on the other hand, wants to defecate on her doorstep. And go to the studio, of course.

Female Quotable: “If you cannot respect me enough to treat me normal like you treat everybody else, fuckin’ leave me the f*ck alone. Forever, ever, ever.”

Cam Quotable: “I’ma take that option. The ever, ever, ever joint.”

What We Learned: Telling a female you will sh*t in her car is nothing compared to not giving her the address of the studio you’re recording in when she’s hellbent on seeing you.

Found: Boss Of All Bosses 2

Scenario: Cam’s tired and doesn’t feel like talking. The female is tired, but wants to talk. A classic case of the Irresistible Force meeting the Immovable Object.

Female Quotable: “I know you probably got like 10, 12, 15 different sex partners. You got all them different b*tches suckin’ your d*ck. You just real f*ckin’ nasty. I don’t ride like that. That’s how you get down.”

Cam Quotable: “You right.”

What We Learned: Tell a female you’re right and you’re actually wrong. Tell a female’s she’s right and you’re still wrong because you really don’t believe she’s right. Confusing? Of course it is.

Found: Boss Of All Bosses 2.5, “New Head”

Scenario: I’m almost sure this is the same female from BOAB 2. Regardless, this young lady is vying for Killa’s attention, but she won’t get it because of, well, her inability to “adapt with the times.”

Female Quotable: “I’m an easy learner. Believe that.”

Cam Quotable: “You suck it like you from the ’90s. It’s new head out. You got old school head.”

What We Learned: Proof that nothing in the world stays the same forever. Not even oral sex techniques.

Found: Come Home With Me, “On Fire Tonight”

Scenario: Freekey Zekey goes to take a leak and something goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Female Quotable: “Go to the doctor! Get some pills! Get over it, I burnt you! (laughs) You a clown!”

Cam Freekey Zekey Quotable: “You need to wash your face. Get your mind right. Girls out here is burnin’. The bitch burnt the braids off my nigga the other week.”

What We Learned: The only time a rapper wants to be burned is when they’re getting radio spins. Wrap it up, folks.

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