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02.27.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

This Map Shows Each State’s Most Popular Music Not Popular Anywhere Else [Music Machinery]

Spike Lee Rants About “Motherf**king Hipsters” in Brooklyn [Uproxx]

A Dude Who Had Sex With A Hot Pocket Is Now A Twitter Folk Hero [Daily Dot]

Carmelo Anthony’s Race Against Time [TSFJ]

A Question of Mercy [Texas Monthly]

Wal-Mart’s Cult-Like Training [Salon]

The Weird World Of E-Cig Evangelists [The Verge]

Mt. Gox Reportedly Receives Subpoena From Federal Prosecutors [Reuters]

Did The MPAA’s Latest Anti-Piracy Move Accidentally, Screw Hollywood Studios? [Pando]

Adam Driver Reportedly Near Deal To Play ‘Star Wars’ Villain [Variety]

Hate Groups: Declining, But Still Pursuing X-Ray Laser Weapons [Gawker]

Mariah Carey’s Tits-Tastic BET Honors Performance Is Now Online [BroBible]

A Closer Look At Blackphone, The Android Smartphone That Simplifies Privacy [Tech Crunch]

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