Tiny, Tiny Cannon Has Big, Big Heart

05.11.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Congratulations! If you’ve already glanced at the banner photo, then this should be pretty painless. This is, in fact, an article about a tiny cannon that can fire to destroy targets -the Simon Birch of artillery, if you will. Noted among the world’s smallest guns, not too much is known about this mini weapon except for the fact that its creator is both a youtube subscriber and kind of a douche.

Youtube user 43287633‘s vague responses to fan-based questions about his cannon:

Homemade miniature cannon shoots and destroys objects. It fires steel balls with great power and accuracy.

@barophobia Yes, I’m a goldsmith

@andreas0104 I don’t smoke. it easy to light the fuse with a cigaret…

@thepappytube I made it and It’s not for sale

Woah, woah, woah -okay, I’m sorry that any of us showed interest in your dinky creation. Next time The Barrowers want to throw a kegger, we’ll tell them to stick with their miniature beer helmets and cotton swabs, like all the other regular tiny people do. Overachievers, pshhh.

Anyway, be sure and peep the video. It’s pretty hard to deny the fact that watching a shrunken cannon blow up a beer mug isn’t the cutest go–amn thing you’ve ever f–king seen fulfilling.

Thanks to dvice for the tip.

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