10.28 The Cooler

10.28.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

Sweet Morning Dew, It’s Jasmine In The Morning

Top 10 Black Urban Legends [Urban Daily]

Jodie Sweetin Used To Be Fun [Warming Glow]

Mike Vick Spotted in South Philadelphia CVS Buying Dog Food [Style Points]

Plies Pays Fan to Leave Concert [HHW]

Why Tina Fey Hates Sarah Palin [The Awl]

A Back Alley Pharmacist’s Wet Dream [D-Listed]

Friends Forever: My Favorite NBA Bromances [Dime]

Beyonce and Lady Gaga Teaming Up Again, This Time for Gaga’s “Telephone” [GOT]

Phillies Female Fan Offers Sexual Favors In Exchange For WS Tickets [Deadspin]

Mobile Web Usage Keeps On Growing, And Growing, And Growing… [Tech Crunch]

Honda Loves Lazy People [Gunaxin]

Come And Get Your Cousins Please: Droppin’ It Low In The Graveyard [C&D]

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