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Even though the year still has a entire season left to extinguish, DJ Green Lantern’s racked up enough ’08 credentials to solidify his status as one of the year’s top crate diggers. And guess what? He’s not done.

Still fresh from producing for one of the hottest mixtapes (The Nigger Tape), albums (Untitled) and video games (Grand Theft Auto IV) of the year, Green’s set to invade the market once again with a new Royce Da 5’9 street album as well as a custom mixtape for the most popular Presidential hopeful. The Crew’s TC checks the math.

TSS: You’ve had a pretty intense 2008 so far. Would you say it’s your most exciting year so far?

DJ Green Lantern: It’s been pretty exciting so far. I don’t know if it’s been the most exciting but it’s up there. That’s what you grind for, to stay busy right?

TSS: Of course! Now how hard was it to get to this level where you’re involved with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop?

DJ Green Lantern: It really wasn’t that hard, and that wasn’t the goal to be this big star. I just wanted to make some really hot shit. I think if you set that as a goal like “I’m gonna work with the biggest names in the game…” it’s not gonna happen for you. You just gotta “do you.” Probably each one of my situations came to me, except probably rocking with Jay-Z at his shows.

TSS: So with all these new ventures, what’s your company Future Green Entertainment got going on?

DJ Green Lantern: Future Green is really just starting. I’m just signing artists right now. I got my first artist, he’s a left field guy named Johnny Polygon and he’s not your normal rapper…

TSS: He’s on Nas’ “Black President” right?

DJ Green Lantern: Yeah he’s singing on that song. He also raps but he’s not a rapper or a singer. He’s just a unique individual. Definitely nothing you ever seen Green Lantern messing with before. We’re finalizing his mixtape right now, it’s got a real crazy presentation. It’s called Wolf In Cheap Clothing (Laughs). Like I said…he’s a unique individual.

TSS: In the wake of this upcoming election, would you say “Black President” is one of the most important records you’ve ever done?

DJ Green Lantern: Oh hell yeah! Real important!

TSS: How did that collabo with Nas come about?

DJ Green Lantern: I already had it done with a couple of people for that Barack Obama Mixtape that I’m working on. So I sent it over for him to add a verse and he was like “Yooo, I need that!!!” So I thought for a second and decided that could go on his album and the original version could become the remix. So that’s how that’s going to play out.

TSS: Did the Obama camp ever get wind of the record?

DJ Green Lantern: Nah, we never actually sent it to them or nothing like that. That was never like a goal. I’m sure they heard it. But I’m not chasing them like “did you hear it!?!?” He’s got other things to worry about.

TSS: So what’s the status on the Obama Mixtape? When can we expect it? I heard that you had wanted to make it where he didn’t have to distance himself from it. Is it curse-free?

DJ Green Lantern: Yeah, it’s curse-free and it’s dropping real soon. The reason it’s taking so long is that I’ve been getting some performances from people and had to tell them to go back to the lab because they went a little too hard on ’em. Like those I wasn’t in the studio with, they went a little too hard.

TSS: (Laughs)

DJ Green Lantern: Yeah and I knew before other people put their joints out and Barack had to step away from them. You really want him to stay behind it, so there’s some going to be some real good performances and uplifting messages from some people that may not be famous yet but it’s going to be quality. And I got names on there. There’s Busta Rhymes, David Banner, Wyclef, LL Cool J, Nas of course. So those names carry weight but it’s dropping soon.

TSS: What’s Russell Simmons’ role in all this?

DJ Green Lantern: He’s the connection to Obama. He gave us the blessing and did some drops, so he showed love.

TSS: It’s got the potential to be big.

DJ Green Lantern: Yo, for really real, I do a lot of quote, unquote “big stuff” but I just want this to be right. I want it to be correct! I just try to keep things pure. Yeah, like Grand Theft, that’s big. Nas mixtape, that’s BIG! If it don’t become the mixtape of the year like “Oh it’s the Obama Mixtape, cop 3 copies!!!” I don’t care about that. I do enough cutting edge, big shit out here. I just want this to be playing in his iPod, from beginning to end.

TSS: That’s what’s up. That’s a good mentality to have. You have the Bar Exam 2 with Royce Da 5’9 releasing soon as well right?

DJ Green Lantern:
Yeah, September 9th. I didn’t get to do as much production on it as the Nas joint because I’ve been on the road.

TSS: So you get enough time to beat Grand Theft Auto IV yet?

DJ Green Lantern: Nah, I only get a few hours a week of playing time.

TSS: (Laughs) Just enough to listen to your songs huh?

DJ Green Lantern: (Laughs) Yeahhh, well ya know…

TSS: O.K. With the internet changing the way music is presented, what’s Green Lantern’s definition of a DJ?

DJ Green Lantern: I’d say there’s a lot of definitions. A DJ could turn into so many things. You got ones for the club, radio, mixtape, tours. Which ever one of those you do, just represent yourself to the fullest.

TSS: Well sounds like you have a full plate. Anything else we should know?

DJ Green Lantern: Just grindin’ and spreading my Team Invasions over the country!

Busta Rhymes – “Where’s My Money”


Green Latern Featuring Fabolous & Akon – “I’m So Fly”


For info on Green Latern’s upcoming projects & show dates, check out djgreenlantern.tv www.djgreenlantern.com.

Catch Green on the road as the official tour DJ for Nas as part of the Jones Experience or with Rock The Bells.

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