Video: Chip Tha Ripper Performs “Hyyerr”

10.11.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

While trying to finish up & clean up A3C flicks & footage, I remembered this rough footage of Chip performing his verse on “Hyyerr,” the stone song off Man On The Moon. With an initial assist by Curren$y, Mr. Ripper gets the whole crowd into the song, which isn’t that hard considering the subject matter.

Sidebar — If I’ve learned one thing about Curren$y as an entertainer & entity, he influences people. People see dude & think “weed is legal” no matter where they are because the air got extra stanky in the venue, including this one dude standing beside me who blew a whole L for dolo. He kept trying to pass it to Spitta while dude was on stage, as if buddy was about to smoke some randomly passed blunt out of the crowd.

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