“Just Like Pimp C I Keep My Money On My Mind…”

10.27.09 8 years ago 13 Comments

There are times when finding another way to express how captivating an artist is, say it well enough to encourage you to give it a listen. Then there are other times when I read someone else’s description makes me envious, feeling like “why didn’t I think of approaching it like that?”

Both of those ideas come into play here reading Maurice’s words regarding Freddie Gibbs’ Chad Butler-inspired “Iodine Poison,” performed live @ the Fader Fort (which was a hotel room with an alarm clock radio functioning as the sound system) during CMJ.

“Maaaan. “Iodine Poison” is probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite song (behind “Talkin Bout You” and “Still Standing” on Freddie Gibbs’ midwestgangstaboxframecaddilacmuzik mixtape. Its an ode to Pimp C that samples Mr. Butler on the hook and uses clips from his infamous “Atlanta Ain’t the South” interview from a couple years ago. Gibbs had emailed me a rough of this track a while back and asked if I could pull some strings to get Bun on it. I put them in contact with each other, but obviously that wasn’t able to happen in time before the mixtape was scheduled to be released but it still jams either way.”

It’s good to see this guy Freddie getting the waves of press & the reception he’s received.

That is all. Back to bumpin’ the song.

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