We Should Probably Talk About Jeremy Green Being A Pederast

07.24.10 7 years ago 46 Comments

Jeremy Green, who I swear I saw once in a country club shower, has been arrested for possessing child porn. Oh, but it gets so much worse than that. Check it:

Green participated in an online chat with a woman with the screen name of “lendingmom12”, shared sexually explicit photos and videos of a toddler, and told the woman he was chatting with that he “couldn’t wait for her to bring her three children to Connecticut”.

Wait a second. Are you telling me there are ELEVEN other lending moms out there? Because that is awful. Todd Solondz is making an unwatchable “comedy” about it as we speak.

Green’s dad Dennis is now best known for “crown their ass” and “they are who we thought we were,” but Denny was also accused of sexual harassment when he was coach of the Vikings. He was also a horrible football coach, but that’s neither here nor there in matters of pederasty. OR IS IT?

Jeremy was working as an analyst for ESPN, and apparently went to the Salisbury/Tirico Sexual Deviancy Seminar the company offers every fiscal year. Please be advised: If Jeremy says he can make your son an “honorary ballboy,” it does not mean what you think it means.

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