Week 14 Meast & Least: Utterly Predictable and Uncontested

12.07.11 6 years ago 36 Comments

We’ve already posted this video, but it needs to be witnessed again in order to (A) honor Week 14 Meast Marshawn Lynch and (B) rebuff anyone who thinks the award belongs to someone else.

And yes, there was plenty of meastiness to go around this week: Aaron Roders continued his brilliance with a clutch performance despite his wide receivers’ sudden case of the drops; Ray Rice ran for two bills and a score (against Cleveland); Chris Johnson — no doubt rested from taking the first nine weeks of the season off — put up 150+ yards and two touchdowns; Demaryius Thomas somehow accrued 144 yards on passes from Tim Tebow; and a defensive player on your favorite team had a dominant performance, but I won’t name him so you can complain about the snub in the comments.

Still, none of that was quite as impressive as Meast Bode 2.0 disappearing from swarms of tacklers to score a touchdown for the 8th straight game. And this isn’t me speaking as a Seahawks fan; this was a unanimous decision among the Gay Mafia. So there.

Your Jeff George Memorial Least of the Week is even less surprising:

Now, don’t get us wrong: we recognize that the Double-J is being surprisingly calm about the timeout that iced rookie kicker Dan Bailey, saying that he “understand[s] the process [Garrett] went through.” That process:

Cowboys special teams coaches Joe DeCamillis and Chris Boniol were screaming for Garrett to call timeout because the play clock was under eight seconds and he did what he thought would help his kicker.

That might make sense if Garrett had called one of Dallas’s two remaining timeouts after Dez Bryant’s catch brought the ball to the Arizona 31 with 26 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter. Instead, the clock ran and Tony Romo spiked the ball with seven seconds remaining. Because why try to get a shorter field goal? A 49-yarder on the road with a rookie kicker and the game on the line is a total gimme.

Epic coaching leastiness. Andy Reid applauds your late-game mismanagement, sir.

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