Weekend Preseason Football Open Thread

08.08.14 3 years ago 1,918 Comments



Time for everyone else in the league to get their first preseason game. Meanwhile the Bills and the Giants already getting their second go-round. SLOW DOWN, FELLAS. I can’t recommend sitting through an entire preseason game but peaking at the how the starters are doing then checking back to see what amusing backups are playing later is usually fine.

ALSO: We get our first look at Blake Bortles this evening. What if he looks even worse than Gabbert? I mean, it’s his first preseason game so it wouldn’t really matter but Jags fans would be terrified nonetheless.


Miami at Atlanta
Buffalo at Carolina
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville
Philadelphia at Chicago
Oakland at Minnesota
New Orleans at St. Louis


Cleveland at Detroit
Pittsburgh at New York Giants
Green Bay at Tennessee
Houston at Arizona

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