Commercial-Filming Season Begins a Little Early This Year

01.13.08 10 years ago 23 Comments

(Sprint cell phone plays Radiohead’s “Exit Music (For a Film)”)

Peyton: (looks at phone) Shit.

(Thom Yorke: “We hope… that you–“)

Peyton: Hey, kid.

Eli: Oh man tha’ was AWESOME! Idn’t winning playofff gamezzz FUHn?!?

Peyton: Are you drunk?

Eli: (giggles) Coash gah me a zix of Sima.

Peyton: Uh huh.

Eli: DOOOOD we beeet DALLAS! Nummer one seed in the ho’ conferen! IN DALLAS! An ya know who din’t throw an intershepshun? Guess.

Peyton: You?

Eli: No, ME!!!

Peyton: Must’ve been a nice chance of pace.

Eli: It totally was! Soooo weird! I’m don’t feel like crying at all!

Peyton: That’s great.

Eli: Oh. Oh. Oh man I’m sorry. I din’t ass how your game wen. You gettin’ rehddy fer the Pastyruts nest week?

Peyton: Uhhh…

(phone beeps)

Peyton: I gotta get that. Talk to you later.

Eli: Sure, just give me a ca–


Peyton: Hello?

Archie: That was awesome! You were in the playoffs! Is losing there any different from losing in the regular season?

Peyton: Sigh…

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