What Up Doe?

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When Gotty initially posted “Welcome To…,” with a two-disc Detroit compilation, I was amped to see some of my favorite local artists getting the shine they rightfully deserved. However, when I checked the tracklist, I saw that a big segment of Motor City emcees were left off that list. Most of those being the cats that I listen to.

While I’m familiar with the artists G$ included, and I definitely respect their music and overall hustle, I felt that these other artists give a different taste of what Detroit has to offer. Some might call these artists more “street.” They’d also probably call their music “rap,” and not hip-hop.

I personally call them D-Boys, because that’s exactly what they are.

Now, I’m definitely not trying to discredit the artists that were featured previously, but during DJ Steady Rock’s local run-down at the Return of the Legends shows I peeped last weekend, this is the type of stuff that was played. Actually, this is exactly what was played, because I’ve included everything he spun (or clicked, depending how did it).

If you like these as much as the hometown crowd did, you’re gonna love ‘em. Especially track one. That’s the favorite, fo sho.

D-Boy Raps

1. Street Lordz – Come Roll
2. Eastside Chedda Boyz – I Don’t Give a Fuck
3. Trick Trick – My Name is Trick Trick
4. Big Herk – M.O.T.O.W.N Feat. J Nutty and KD
5. Jesse James – Dope Man (Hustler’s Theme) Feat. Street Lordz
6. Trick Trick – Gangstaz Roll Feat. Big Herk
7. K-Doe – In My Hood
8. Eastside Chedda Boyz – I’m Chedda Boy
9. Street Lordz – Uncle Jesse James
10. Malik – We Do it Big
11. Marquis Porter – 313 (Remix) Feat. Blade and Malik
12. Rock Bottom- No
13. Blade Icewood – Boy Would U (Detroit Remix)
14. Rock Bottom – Gatored Up
15. Tone Tone – What Up Doe
16. Forbidden Froot – Still Got the Work
17. Juan – R.I.P. Blade
18. Blade Icewood – All to You
19. Big Herk – Dear God

D-Boy Raps

And, since it doesn’t get said enough, RIP Blade Icewood.

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