Writer has opinion about the NFL’s war on heterosexuality, let’s all take a look

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Someone named JR Gamble wrote a strong take of a barrelfire of a article yesterday about Michael Smh, the first Gay player to every play football. The post details how now straight folks are second class citizens now that Gays have taken over our sports now that there’s one Gay guy in it. Its a absolute walk-off of a article. I walked away from it feeling proud to be straight which in this day in age is not so easy:

Michael Sam had the press conference of the century on Saturday. At least that’s what most media pundits and social activists sold it as.

Great start. Its the old okey doke. I was ready to call you a idiot and six kinds of PC Police til you qualified it with the “at least thats what they want you to believe”. However, whats a social activist? Youre being just a little unclear- would of been better if you said “community organizer” IMO.

Sam already had his bombshell moment by becoming the first future NFL pick to publicly announce he was gay, but the media horde in attendance expressed that the people want more. They stood on chairs and did the elbow shuffle to position themselves to hear this overnight symbol of gay strength speak. The media isn’t satisfied with him just coming out of the closet and humanizing the conversation about gays in the locker room. Because of Sam’s openness, no longer is the football field assumed to be a gay-free environment and that’s a huge deal. It will take some time for most traditionalists to grasp that concept.   

Other notable gayfree environments in recent world history include:

  • Iran
  • Sochi

This is were I start questioning your football acumen IQ. Most real NFL fans were never under the asumption that there werent any Gay players in the NFL have you seen the NFC East I mean

So expect that Sam will be promoted and used by the NFL to finally reach into the gay market and get some of that money flow, even though he says right now, “I have no endorsements.”

Finally the NFL can tap into the Gay market witch previously had no interest in watching the most athletic men in the world tackle each other while wearing tight pants and doing shirtless locker room interviews. Until now Gay people didnt even like sports at all from what I understand but now the cats out of the bag.

While this recent movement is a thumbs up for tolerance, the way the media has shamed people into having to act like being gay is something everyone proudly embraces has reverse discriminatory effects on heterosexual players.

There we go now were into some solid takes here. As a heterosexual male Im feeling discriminated against on account of I feel ashamed of being discriminatory. Stop shame-shameing me its harrassment and I dont have to take it.

If you didn’t clap for Jason Collins on Sunday night as he made his debut with the Nets as the first “openly gay NBA player,” then something is obviously wrong with you morally right?

Its almost like there making us discriminate against ourselfs which is actually reverse introspective discrimination also known as thinking. Well heres one thing I think I think: Sports are better when the players are playing for the love of the game, not the love of Jermaine.

But no one is beefing about that 10-day contract with the Nets, which seems like more of a symbolic gesture than a necessary personnel move. A way for Brooklyn to steal the headlines and get credit for being the “first” at something. How the tides have turned. 

Thats a great point, people from Brooklyn historicaly have never  once made a big deal about being into something before everyone else.

Collins is actually playing in the NBA today because he is gay and possibly taking jobs away from heterosexual males who may be fringe players but don’t have that extra “gay” trait which elevates normal men to icons now. 

  • Height- check
  • Production- check
  • Blows guys- check

For a guy whose never been in a box you can sure check ’em all off. This is a important occaision to note because not only is it the first time a gay fella has possibly gotten a NBA job because hes gay but at THE EXACT SAME TIME, it also marks the tipping point in time where now a majority of straight NBA players cant get jobs any more because there are to many Gay people taking them all.

What if in the history of the NBA there were players who made a big deal about there sexual lives and it became a big distraction you would of never seen anything like this throughout the years with Wilt Chamberlin, Magic Johnston or Shawn Kemp.

The conversation about the need for new NFL policies stressing tolerance and sensitivity has dominated the airwaves. When players are interviewed about Sam, honesty is never what the person asking the questions is seeking. They are hoping that a player slips up and expresses his true opinion, creating three more weeks of copy about this “homophobic” player and why the locker room needs to be rid of such cretins. Every media show needs a Richie Incognito-type of villain.

Actually Richie was exonerated after it was proofed that Jonathan Martin bullied him by telling him he was goign to kill himself and expecting Richie not to tweet it out to the entire world, but nice try JR.


Instead of solving the problem, the script has simply been flipped. Moving forward, certain questions will be asked during player interviews at showcases such as the combines, and instead of “Are you gay?” being an intrusive and inappropriate question to ask a prospective draftee, now “Are you uncomfortable with gays in the locker room?” will be the question that draft prospects better answer with a resounding “No,” or risk being labeled as prejudice or homophobic.

This has been proven true in the modern workplace time and again folks. Employers use to be able to ask “Are you pregnant?” so that they could not give jobs to “host women” who were just looking for a meal ticket to pad their nest no offense. But now women got all mad for not being able to have jobs that would pay for a “safe” child birth and now the backlash is 260 degrees the other way. Now employers ask “Are you uncomfortable being around pregnant women?” and if you say “yes” well then you get discriminated against for having a irrational hatred of preggos which is technically a discrimnatory policy against those of us that feel that pushing something living out of your birth canal is gross.

“Those of us who dont learn from the passed are condemned to repeat it”

-Thomas Jefferson (Unracist Republican, Virginia)

Too truthful an answer might even damage one’s draft stock.

That is literaly the definition of irony right there.

How ironic.

Even in making social progress, our society manages to trample upon the rights of others. With the heterosexual male now being the “other” party

No offence but I bet JR Gambles wrote this was the type kid who’s parents had to buy him presents when his brother birthday or else hed burn the house down. Sounds like a real mefirst type guy.

in this celebration of Michael Sam’s announcement that gay males have officially infiltrated NFL locker room culture

They didnt repel down from the ceilings wearing tastfully fashionable spy clothing and slide gracefully into a 53 man roster. Theres one gay guy whose trying to get drafted, but I do see his point here. Its a crying shame IMO that straight men no longer have a place to walk around naked and jerk off aggressively in front of other guys without the Gays turning it all homo.

– any NFL player who has a problem with undressing in front of gay men better find another profession.

This is a importent distinction because technically its really straight to have another straight man see you naked because theres no chance that you end up having sex with him but if hes Gay then he might be into you and then what if you end up having sex with him? Could be a distraction.

This huge push by media, government and other liberal entities to “normalize” homosexuality is not taking into account people’s religious and moral beliefs

Arent morals usualy at the end of shitty stories how much longer is this thing anyways.

and how it may take some time for them to come to terms with Sam’s sexual orientations, as well as change the nature of their verbal interaction within the locker room. That doesn’t mean players are going to outcast him, but if a Muslim allows you to put ham in his refrigerator,

thats some good in uendo there. Lets try it this way its actualy like if a Muslim worked at Subway and the owner wanted to make the ham cheese sandwich the $5 footlong of the month and the Muslim guy didnt want to sell that particular sandwich and then got blamed for 9/11 when it was actually the government as a inside job.

he’s already going against the grain. That’s what players who are staunchly against homosexuality are doing by dealing with Sam in a professional manner. Forcing the Muslim to eat the ham and threatening to destroy him if he doesn’t is a bit excessive. Tensions can arise. People generally don’t like being told what to do. That’s kind of how this focus on gay athletes feels to me. 

Nobody’s going to mess with Sam though. He’s untouchable right now. The more interesting situation will be when there are five guys in the locker room who are publically gay, and together, they can more comfortably express their sexuality. Will this create a fractured or adversarial culture within the locker room as it often does in society?

Heres a great resolutoin to this admitedly very real, accurate, and serious problem: Give Gay players there entire team. Owned by a Gay fella, GMs and Coaches are all Gay and they can have exclusivley Panthers Cheerleaders.

You talk a bout a rivalry folks, this would solve so many problems, its a win win.

So far I haven’t seen any protesters. If the accepting way in which players have handled the Sam situation is any indication, then this muzzling of the heterosexual male seems to be working.

If you think this is the”Muzzling of the heterosexual male” youve never been married lol.

Learned behavior is hard to change overnight,

There are some good bible camp’s that will try though Id be happy to recommend.

so pardon me if I give dudes a pass for their supposed “ignorance” when expressing truth about their feelings.  Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Ellis suggested that some players would feel uncomfortable getting smacked on the bottom or showering beside another male who could be attracted to them. That’s just a real life honest answer from a man who is used to a women’s touch.

Quick queston: Why do NFL players still have to get cleaned up together in like a big open prison shower? I know that showering anekd wth a straight dude is like the straightest thing you can do, but it almost seems like itd be alot cooler if you had like a thin piece of plastic between you or whatever just in case you slip and fall and I mean come on. Jerry Jones spent billions of dollars on Cowboys stadium but his shower divider budget was less then my YMCA. Lets get creative here JR Gamble, you should of called out straight players for the potential of them already being Gay with the current shower situation which would of been a very strong take.

Some call those feelings prehistoric,

Same word different era I call them “YourAssSick”

That’s sort of how it feels to me. There’s nothing wrong with fighting for equality. Most of us would agree that we’d rather a person be morally sound than fit into a certain sexual category. But are gay people now becoming the “untouchable race”?

Its like you cant even beat up a Gay kid for acting wierd anymore.

Sometimes it seems that way, because every proponent of progression, who says one’s sexual orientation shouldn’t be a big deal, are celebrating athletes coming out of the closet with the same euphoric intensity as when Obama dropped bombs on Bin Laden.

Well let me stop you right here it was SEAL team 6 aka Obamas PC Police who dropped all those bombs on Bin Laden and they werent bombs they were actually giant hams meant to make him feel uncomfortably about being a Muslim and reverse persecuting him for making him feel all bad about killing thousand’s of inocent people allegedly.


And I’m beginning to get confused as to whether Sam is a dope football player because he dominated at the defensive end position in college, or because being a great player in addition to being openly gay would add further luster and longevity to his developing story line.

I dont understand what this means to be honest. I personaly think Sam would of been a “doper” football player if he was still in the closet so he could be repressing his rage and then exploding all over his opponets on film. If your going to be keeping yourself up at nights you might as well make offensive cordinators do the same. This is NFL 101.

Sure, at Missouri he was the SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year in 2013, but at 6-feet-1 5/8, 260 pounds, Sam isn’t built like the prototype NFL defensive end and even moved to outside linebacker for some drills at the Senior Bowl. Most teams see him as a tweener with no natural position.

Or LB curious

Still, the hyperbole train is already in full effect.

A recent Bleacher Report article had this to say

/skips to the end’ve the article

about Sam:

“Off (the field), he will be an endorsement machine. He will charm Madison Avenue. His sexuality will not be as much an albatross as it will be magnetism that will draw people to Sam from all walks of life.”

Usually when theres a disstraction hanging around the neck of someone in a NFL lockerroom its a detective badge.

Homie being gay does nothing to draw me to him or respect him any more or less.

I stand with the author. He doesnt care any more or less about the facts that Sams gay so much that he wrote this 2000 word column about it.

“Sam has the temperament to handle the questions and pressure… Sam doesn’t want to be a trailblazer, but he is, and he’s perfect for it… Whether he likes it or not, he will be known for more than that, like Robinson or Billie Jean King or the forgotten Glenn Burke.”


With all due respect

/no offense

to The Obamas and others, comparing Sam to Jackie Robinson borders on absurdity. The major difference is that Sam didn’t have to tell anybody he was gay, but Robinson couldn’t hide his blackness with 10 pounds of baby powder. No. 42 also lacked the total support of MLB, its coaches, staff, media and most fans. Robinson was in a hell-pit of bigotry and maliciousness with very few supporters to draw strength from outside of blacks who loved baseball but generally didn’t and couldn’t attend games. Sam immediately had the support of most people and became an instant icon. That advantage mixed with his character security has elevated him to spokesperson status. Getting back to that flipside however, he no longer owns his soul. Sam’s the property of a platform and a payday,

That is a strongtake. Ive said alot of things about alot of people but I’ve never taken anyones soul away so I have to take my hat off here JR.

By the way I like to use a literation too but its helpful if what your saying makes sense- I would of gone with- “Sams the property of the PC police with a penchant for packages.” which is much stronger then that claptrap right there.

and to some, another castrating tool used to attack heterosexuality in sports.

/Standing ovation what a way to end a take. Memo to Gay players- you can put your weiners wherever you want to but keep youre hands off my balls.

All in all a really solid taek from JR Gamble at the Shadow League I give it 7 out of 10 he pulled up in a few places but over all he took a brave stance against those who would take away our right to feel uncomfortable about not feeling comfortable. Thank you JR and godbless.

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