Photos: Derrick Rose’s NBA All-Star Weekend

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Derrick Rose's 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend will be remembered for the one dance he never did.


A Recap: The 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend

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I knew it was for real when I hadn't taken more than three steps off the flight before I nearly ran into some cat wearing a Bobcats hat.


The 10 Things We Learned From The 2012 NBA All-Star Game

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Like we always do at this time, let's run back and run off a list of 10 things we took away from 2012 NBA All-Star Game (one that's already being billed as the best since 2006).


Nicki Minaj Continues Her Reign Of Primetime TV Terror At The 2012 NBA All-Star Game

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In the grand scheme of things, the Oscars were the biggest stage of entertainment last night.


Jeremy Evans Honors Karl Malone By Winning The Dunk Contest; Kevin Love Can Stroke It

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It doesn't happen very often, so we're a little surprised the Three-Point Shootout was much more entertaining than the Dunk Contest.


Photos: Dwight Howard’s NBA All-Star Weekend


As the superstar center in the host city of this year's NBA All-Star Game, there's a little extra pressure on Dwight Howard this weekend.


Kyrie Irving Is A Man Amongst Boys; Andrew Bynum Feels DeMarcus Cousins’ Pain

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Remember when everyone was so concerned about taking Kyrie Irving No.


The Best Rookie/Sophomore Challenge Highlights Of The Last 5 Years

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All-Star Weekend is measured by the plays that make everyone get out of their seats — whether it's a courtside chair or your couch — and howl.


This Year’s NBA Rookie-Sophomore Challenge To Feature An Innovative Twist

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NBA fans pining for Ricky Rubio to toss an off-the-backboard alley-oop to Blake Griffin may get their wish granted well before the Spanish point guard ever becomes an All Star.


Blake Griffin Leads All-Star Weekend’s Rising Stars

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We all know Blake Griffin is a rising star, but today it was announced the All-Star starter is one of 18 chosen for the 2012 BBVA Rising Stars Challenge during All-Star weekend in Orlando.

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First Look: 2012 NBA All-Star Uniforms

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It seems crazy to think about barely one month into the season, but we're not that far off from All-Star Weekend.

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