Revenge of the Sith: Duke wins another National Championship

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Under the list of ingredients that have become standard in the NCAA championship recipe -- defense, momentum, chip on the shoulder, good coaching, depth, etc.

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Kevin Jones West Virginia Final Four Diary: The End of the Road

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West Virginia was two wins shy of a national championship. While that won't be any immediate consolation to the players who worked all season to get to the Final Four, it's a lot better than 300-something other D-1 teams can say.


West Virginia will win the National Championship

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The day after Christmas '09, I watched West Virginia play at Seton Hall and get everything they could handle before narrowly edging a mediocre Big East opponent.

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Kevin Jones West Virginia Final Four Diary: Getting ready for the Duke Blue Devils

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Kevin Jones first appeared in Dime when he was a junior at storied Mount Vernon (N.

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LeBron’s Worst Nightmare may be coming to the NBA Draft

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*Dime's NCAA Tournament Day 2 coverage* Jordan Crawford just made himself a lot of money.

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West Virginia is a national title threat thanks to Kevin Jones

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In a season where college basketball is without one dominant team, the national championship race is truly wide-open.

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Matty D’s Top 25 College Basketball Preview (10-6)

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That's right, the start of the college hoops season is just one week away and you know what that means: it's time to unleash the mother effing fury! For the past seven months, I've been bottling up a vicious mixture of excitement and rage, just waiting for the moment to release my emotions onto the rest of the world.

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