LE$., Scotty & Chevy Woods – “On The Regular” (Prod. DJ Burn One)


These verses by Scotty, LE$ and Chevy Woods detail their daily operations as they pontificate on the player lives they lead over production by DJ Burn One.


Scotty x DJ Burn One – F.A.I.T.H. Mixtape

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Yesterday turned out to be an eventful day in Hip-Hop releases highlighted by Rockie Fresh, Chance The Rapper and J.


Scotty Ft. Starlito & Killa Kyleon – “My Shoes” (Prod. By DJ Burn One)

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"My Shoes" is Scotty's song so I hate to take the attention away from him but.

Trinidad Jame$

Scotty Ft. Trinidad Jame$ – “Conversations On That Brown” x iNDEED “Crown Royalty” Video

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Some of the realest conversations I’ve ever had have been accompanied by a clear plastic cup filled with amber liquid.

Will Brennan

Will Brennan – “Pressure” (Prod. By DJ Burn One)

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Art Direction: @1987supply Will Brennan's continuing to improve as an artist.


Scotty Ft. Big Sant – “Bucket Seats” (Prod. By DJ Burn One)

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Since keeping a side chick is only possible if you explain the expectations up front, maintaining strict guidelines that never interfere with your routine and get you caught up is a must.


iNDEED – “Norman Connors” Video

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Any song with Burn One's name attached to it deserves an automatic listen and/or download these days, and by extension, so does his group iNDEED.


Scotty – “S.S.D.D.” (Prod. By DJ Burn One)

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Who hasn't sat at their desk job, idly thinking about how you aren't even sure what day of the work week it is due to the mundane, everyday activities.


Scotty – “Aint No Competition”


With his DJ Burn One produced F.

The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

Scotty – “My Granddaddy Car” Video

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There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like a fresh pan of cornbread.

Walt Live


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DJ Burn One hardly ever steers his listeners wrong and his latest deliverable comes in the form of iNDEEDface, from his 5 Points Music Group band, iNDEED.

#Kanye West

QoTD: Which Producer Had The Best Year In Rap?

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Killing time and flipping through Hip-Hop Wired's "The 25 Best Producers In Hip-Hop Right Now" started an internal debate we decided to carry over for a larger discussion.


iNDEEd – “The Fear”


In case Wednesday needs a bit of spice, 5 Points Music Group unleashes the track "The Fear" from their band iNDEED.

Young Dro

Young Dro x DJ Burn One – Ralph Lauren Reefa Mixtape

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"They mad cause I'm fresh and I can still rap my ass off.

The Jiffy Cornbread Experience

Scotty Feat. Playboy Tre & SL Jones – “Too Cool (Remix)” Video

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As Scotty says, he was cool before he had a dollar, and that is apparent in the "Too Cool" remix video.

Will Brennan

Will Brennan Feat. Elea Palmer – “Once Upon A Time”


Will Brennan comes back with another release off his upcoming Prodigal Son project, presented by DJ Burn One.

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