Idea For Commercial: Anderson Silva Wants To Have Sex With Something

Remember back in August when Anderson Silva appeared in a Burger King commercial, lauding the simplicity of having his dick in a cheeseburger.


The Logistics Of Having A Gay Stroke


I need you to understand that headline.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Forecast: Partly Cloudly, Slight Chance Of Homophobia


If you took advantage of yesterday's $40 flight deal courtesy of Southwest Airlines, you might want to pack your iPod for the flight if you're easily offended.


The B*tch*ssness Of Modern Man


Could the over-appreciation of trends and styles be fashionable...or fassy boy? A friend and I spoke on this two weeks ago, as it relates to male R&B singers, and Killer Mike and I had a similar conversation yesterday. "it seems, the onset of blogs (and the ultimate re-blog of that one blog post) and certain famous men who have suddenly been bit by the high fashion bug who also make it a habit to vent their emotions on every public platform possible are to blame. "as a straight girl who has many gay friends and an older gay brother to boot, if a straight guy approached me and said; 'I LOVE YOUR LANVIN CLUTCH,' my natural response would be 'THANKS GIRL.' i mean, it’s just too jarring. the only boys who compliment me on my labels are the ones who want to wear my pieces, ie: usually gay boys. i think a compliment to my style or fashion is nice, but a compliment to prove you’re versed in the language of fashion is too obvious. "it’s not to say that a man can’t like or even love fashion, because i know plenty that do and are secure in their manhood – but this breed is different. being dapper has been important for for ages…but these boys who are SUDDENLY so forced about being fashion forward (and i say suddenly because it’s obvious which ones are trying) are a major scratch in a record that makes most girls stop and go 'WHAT?'." Read the rest of "The Sissification Of The Modern Man: Fad Or Epidemic?" at VA$HTIE's.


3.20 The Cooler


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“Yeah, That Tuxedo Mighta Been A Little Guido…”


I was going to skip right past this latest viral video ploy by 50 to assert that Kanye bats from the other side of the plate.

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