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The Shelf Life Test: Halo 4

By | 6 Comments

New game heeby jeebies, hype and reviews right at launch unnecessarily make a big release's worth black and white.


“I Got Seven MAC-11s…” Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Review

By | 20 Comments

The movie and the video game industries are dominated by sequels and franchises.

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Sample Check: Joey Bada$$’s “FromdaTomb”

By | 7 Comments

Joey Bada$$ and Pro-Era are a crew of kids with rap ears way beyond their years.

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“I’m Ridin’ Around And I’m Gettin’ It”: Forza Horizon Review

By | 3 Comments

Our proud buckets are generally just enough for the random runs, daily commutes and occasional field trips.


It’s Bows Over Bros In “Crysis 3’s” Multiplayer Trailer

By | 2 Comments

So the Crysis series hasn't had the smoothest ride thus far.


Online Ballin': NBA 2K13’s Demo Will Feature Online Multiplayer

By | 8 Comments

The NBA 2K13 series always pushes the envelope in basketball sim gaming.

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Snoop Lion, Lionel Messi & Andrew Luck “Join The Club” In FIFA 13 Ad

By | 6 Comments

There's not much Electronic Arts can do to get fans of the popular FIFA video game series anymore excited about the upcoming 2013 title.


Who Wants To Win A Free Copy Of Battlefield 3: Premium Edition?

By | 53 Comments

Shooters usually lose their luster within a year or sotheir release.


The Pitch Isn’t Perfect: 10 Fixes FIFA 13 Desperately Needs

By | 12 Comments

Virtual footballers about two weeks removed from finally playing the next installment of FIFA.


Everything’s Bettter With Jetpacks: “Hybrid” Review


How many times, while playing your third-person shooter of choice have you thought, “Gee, I wish I could jetpack over to the enemy territory”.


Borderlands 2 Is All About Being A Badass

By | 4 Comments

As days go by, there's a bigger love in the family anticipation builds for the firearm festival better known as Borderlands 2.


Welcome To Earth: Mass Effect 3 Review

By | 5 Comments

Mass Effect 3 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360), even before its release, was highly anticipated as the finale to the exceptional franchise.


All In Or Bargain Bin?: Max Payne 3

By | 7 Comments

The shooter popularity contest currently goes as follows.


Plenty Of Flair To Spare: FIFA Street Review

By | 4 Comments

The beautiful game quickly goes sour when there's no suspense on the pitch.


It’s Tricky, Tricky, Tricky: SSX Review

By | 7 Comments

With all due respect to Tony Hawk, Nintendo 64’s 1080 Snowboarding created the blueprint for “action sports” video games.


Next Generation: 10 Features We Want To See In The Xbox 720 & Playstation 4

By | 27 Comments

Words By AJ & S. Cadet Don’t get too excited about that shiny new Playstation 3 that you got for Christmas.


What’s Old Is Still Awesome: BF3’s Back To Karkand Review

By | 3 Comments

Let's say you've logged more than a few hours on Battlefield 3 but realized it's maps got long in the tooth.


Pillage & Plunder: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

By | 4 Comments

Video games have become to new socializing engine for friends and family to interact.

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