Raekwon x DJ Mars On The “Golden Era” Of Sneakers


The culture surrounding sneakers has gained and lost much as we've moved into the digital age.

SL Jones

SL Jones – “Paper Cuts” Video

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Ever since trap rap became an applicable form of hip-hop, it's been somewhat hard to tell which MCs are actually trying to master their craft and which are simply just trying to legitimize themselves through the limelight.


Yelawolf Feat. Lil Jon – “Hard White (Up In The Club)” Video

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Not anyone can just go and hang with <a href="">YelaWolf</a>.

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B.o.B – “High Life” Video


Young Bobby Ray had some leisure time while he was out and about <a href="">on his tour of Asia</a>.


B.o.B Presents The Asian Adventures Of Bobby Ray

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The humbles beginnings of a Decatur, GA pipe dream have fully manifested into a global phenom.

Return Of 4eva

BTS: Big KRIT, Ludacris & Bun B – “Country Sh*t” Video

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<a href=""> Photos: Julia Beverly Looks like K.R.I.T. snagged Bun and Luda to do a video for the <a href="">"Country Shit" remix</a>, bringing both gentleman to his hometown of Meridian, MS for the shoot.


Killer Mike Feat. Big Boi & T.I. – “Ready Set Go (Remix)” Video

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<a href=""> PL3DGE doesn’t drop for another five weeks, but it’s time for that final push before the album reaches shelves. Accordingly, Killer Mike is hitting his “Grind N Hustle” tour hard, and this weekend I happened to catch him and his DJ, our own Trackstar. Mike was kind enough to let me get a preview of his upcoming record, and without getting too wordy, it’s fire. There are bangers throughout, but my head never bobbed more than it did to the remix of <a href="">“Ready Set Go.”</a> From the sample up, the track is just phenomenal and appropriately deserves the visual treatment.

Return Of 4eva

Big K.R.I.T. – “Dreamin” Video

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<a href=""> <a href="">Big K.R.I.T.</a> releases the Motion Family-produced visuals for his record "Dreamin," off his new project Returnof4eva which drops for free download on March 28th.


Lil Boosie Feat. Lola Monroe – “Green Light Special” Video

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<a href=""> How the universe manages to align its stars is some extraordinary sh*t at times. A few weeks ago I found myself driving back from Bowie, Maryland, playing an old <a href="">Boosie</a> CD I made awhile back when the song "Green Light Special" came on (yep, my car is a huge inspiration for what I write here).

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Video: B.o.B Performs “Cold As Ice” Live

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<a href=""> Every time <a href="">B.o.B</a> drops a new project I'm faced with a dilemma.

The Last Call

Playboy Tre Feat. Lil Jon – “Ready Go” Video

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<a href=""> "Ready! Ready! Go! Go! GottalilbreadbutIneedalotmore..." Top notch tracks deserve the top notch video treatment and Playboy Tre said his crunktastical duet with Lil Jon looked like a job for the Motion Family. Well it seems like our drunken master took a bit of lost to Rittz, Alabama's reigning Hip-Hop alcoholic. But instead of retiring into a life of soberiety, Tre decides to train for his next shot at killing his kidneys for the Big Gulp Champion Red Cup. Dark liquor for stamania, white poison for muscle building. And daily wrist-ups of malted barley just to stay sharp for The Last Call. Tre already <a href="">earned his stripes for 2010's binging royale</a>, but will it be enough to shake 2011's hangover.

the dream

T.I. Feat. Rick Ross – “Pledge Allegiance To The Swag” Video

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<a href=""> First things first and before we get into this video, credit to the word "swag" for having a shelf life longer than anyone could have ever predicted. The more people claim that it's dead, the more the term is actually used - in the same vein as a word I honestly despise, "flow," i.e. 'work flow' or 'gym flow' or 'study flow.' Moving on, however, remember when <a href="">Ross wasn't</a> exactly <a href="">a fan of T.I.</a>.


Killer Mike Feat. T.I. – “Ready Set Go” Video

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<a href=""> No disrespect to T.I., but the best song on F*ck A Mixtape was easily big homie Bigga's <a href="">"Ready Set Go"</a> so it's only right that it gets a video treatment.

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B.o.B – “Beast Mode” Video

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<a href=""> I was treated to hearing "Beast Mode" when <a href="">Bobby</a> and the boys came to town a few weeks ago but I knew I wasn't going to speak on it much until it dropped.


Lil Boosie’s Last Day

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<a href=""> Spade for spade, I'm the realest n!gga out... So we've come to the end of the road. The previous 72 hours - or eight episodes in this case - have shown the final moments of freedom of a man dealing with literally the weight of the world on his shoulders. First off, a congratulations is in order to <a href="">Motion Family</a>.

Yo Gotti

Lil Boosie’s Minor Setback For A Major Comeback

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Officially two-thirds of the way through, <a href="">Bad Azz</a> continues to bathe in the love of his family - both blood and experience bonded.

We Got Now

Huntsville’s Hero: Jackie Chain

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<a href=""> On first glance, you wouldn't expect <a href="">Jackie Chain</a> to rap, considering that he's a six foot tall, Asian-American with hair down to his Polo logo and all.


The Last Dayz Of Torrance Hatch

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<a href=""> Picking up where<a href=""> the last two installments left off</a>, Boosie's date with fate marches closer and closer.


Lil Boosie’s Last Dayz: Countdown To Lockdown

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<a href=""> Just watching these clips remind of Mase's classic "<a href="">24 Hours To Live</a>.


The Last Dayz Of Lil Boosie

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<a href=""> The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. - Martin Luther King This is probably one of the few times <a href=""> Lil Boosie</a> will ever be mentioned alongside MLK , but the quote sums up the turbulent and emotional life of Torrence Hatch.

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