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Nottz Feat. Asher Roth & Colin Munroe – “Dontcha Wanna (Be My Neighbor)” Video

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<a href=""> Grab your best indoor cardigan and throw two fingers up, then throw 'em back down because <a href="">Nottz</a> has a video that you need to see.

Rah Digga

“Who Gonna Check Me Boo?” – Review Of Rah Digga’s Classic

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<a href=""> Re-entering the work force after an extended time away is never easy, especially when you’re a female rapper. Even as the digital age has opened the floodgates for aspiring artists, the number of females getting shine has continued to dwindle. Undeterred by the current state of affairs, Rah Digga emerges from the uncertainty and teams up with producer extraordinaire Nottz for her sophomore effort, the boldly-named Classic. There’s no denying the chemistry between Rah Digga & Nottz as her husky vocals sound right at home on top of his layered, sample-driven backdrops. Showing she’s still fully confident in her abilities on “Who’s Gonna Check Me Boo,” Ms. Thugman sends a salvo to any remaining competitors that she’s back. The jabs continue on the titular “Classic” as she spits “Hoodrat from Nazareth/Vote for the Maverick/Top Gun, not one of them see D-I/G-G-A, all of them CGI/cropped & photoshopped, they not in my caliber/Who would want to challenge her/They’re outta my league…” over Nottz’ smoldering organs. Still as gully as ever, there’s no question Digga still has fire in both her pen and lungs. While Classic is comprised of the cocky, battle rhymes that a Hip-Hop lifer would look for on the surface, there is still one thing missing: content. Once all of the punch lines & similes are sifted into their proper places, the listener knows as much about Rah Digga as they did before they pressed play. One of the biggest hurdles that rappers have to clear when dropping material on a yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis is to come up with fresh material. Coming off of a ten-year hiatus, Digga had plenty of experiences and time to craft rhymes that tell listeners more than tooting and blowing the horn she was born with. It’s one of the reasons why “Viral” blankets its fellow selections as she runs down random quips about her from various spots around the net. Not because she’s hurling out a ton of clever lines in succession, but because her creativity is focused on more than trying to do so. And as good as Nottz & Digga sound together, they seem to get a little too comfortable with each other. The album never raises any higher or lower than it’s opening, making the standout moments few and far between. One would assume that <a href="">“Straight Spittin IV”</a> would serve as a lyrical showcase for Digga, but there's nary a differentiation from say “You Got It” or <a href="">“This Ain't No Little Kid Rap.”</a> So while it was a noble act on her part to handle all the mic duties, a few choice features could have added a much needed spark to the album.

You Need This Music

Nottz And Asher Roth Are Neighbors

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<a href=""> Look at <a href="">Asher</a>, why don't ya.

You Need This Music

Nottz Feat. Black Milk – “Blast That”

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<a href=""> What happens when two dope producers who dabble on the microphone break bread and collaborate for a track? Well, when it's the man with the <a href="">Album Of The Year</a> and VA's most consistent producer (we see you, Pharrell), expect the response to be simply, "Blast That.

Truck North

Skillz x DJ Jazzy Jeff x J. Period – Infamous Quotes

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<a href=""> Even when presented with countless opportunities to take the sleazy Pop route out, <a href="">Skillz</a> lyrical tendencies keep pulling him back in.

Von Pea

Che Grand & DJ Low Key – The Fixtape 2 (In It For The Drink Ticket)

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<a href=""> With school back in session across the country, it's officially headphone season. And <a href="">Che Grand</a> and <a href="">DJ Lowkey</a> are back to serve you with another dose of headnod crack in The Fixtape 2 (In It For The Drink Ticket).

Rah Digga

Rah Digga – “Straight Spittin’ IV”

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You already know that blasé blah ain't hittin' so Rah Digga is still straight spittin' going into the release of her Classic album. Dirty Harriet's reportoire has always been beats & rhymes---first and foremost---and game don't stop just because we're [...].


Rah Digga Feat. Redman – “This Ain’t No Lil Kid Rap (Remix)”


<a href=""> How should Rah Digga garner a little attention for her upcoming album and the associated lead single? By hooking up with fellow Jerz representer Reggie Noble, that's how. Nottz keeps <a href="">the original</a> largely intact, giving "the king and queen of Brick City" a nice soundscape to prove that like fine wine rappers can get better with time.

You Need This Music

Nottz Feat. Alchemist – “The 1ne”

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<a href=""> You can't really blame <a href="">Nottz</a> & <a href="">Al</a> for this one.

Raw Koncept

Rah Digga – “This Ain’t No Lil’ Kid Rap” Video

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<a href=""> All juvenile rappers, sit up in your seats and pay attention or prepare to flunk out in <a href="">Ms. Fisher's</a> Raponomics 101.

Plug Research Music

Bilal – “Free”

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<a href=""> Chocolate or vanilla. Beatles or Stones. Pac or Biggie. Of all the contentious match-ups, perhaps the greatest in my circle is D'Angelo or Bilal. Not "who is better?" but rather "who would you put on your album?" And my answer is classically whomever is at the forefront of my mind with new music. <a href="">Bilal</a> has been making a good go of it lately, reminding us that cliches such as "patience is a virtue" and "good things come to those who wait" exist for moments and music like this.

Rah Digga

Rah Digga – “This Ain’t No Little Kid Rap”

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<a href=""> It's kind of hard to imagine <a href="">Rah Digga</a> as the motherly type, but unassuming rap babies may want to think twice before poking out their bottom lip.

Red Bull Big Tune

Red Bull Big Tune Hits The Bay

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<a href=""> Bay Arrrrreeeeaaaaaaaaa! The fine folks at Red Bull are turning the dial to 11 this Friday as they make a stop at the <a href="">DNA Lounge</a> in San Francisco for their fourth annual Big Tune 2010.

Rah Digga

Rah Digga – “Warning Shots”

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When's the last time you even thought the name <a href="">Rah Digga</a>.

You Need This Music

Nottz – “Shine So Brite” Video

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<a href="">Nottz</a> drops in from Planet VA to show how you he shines, opposed to just <a href="">telling you</a>.


DJ Green Lantern Presents Emilio Rojas – The Natural

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The term "underrated" gets thrown around a lot but rarely taken heed.


Skyzoo – “Popularity” Video

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I never imagined <a href="">Skyzoo</a> as a Zach Morris for obvious reasons, but this was a funny take on the Saved By The Bell series in his new video <a href="">"Popularity."</a> Directed by Todd Angkasuwan, the video features Amanda Diva as Lisa Turtle and labelmate Torae as A.

The Salvation

“For What It’s Worth” – Review Of Skyzoo’s The Salvation

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Spearheading the New York revival, <a href="">Skyzoo</a> has proven time and time again that his sharp lyricism could be the fuel that helps rocket his style of Hip-Hop back to the forefront.

Shafiq Husayn

Shafiq Husayn Feat. Bilal – “Cheeba” (Remix)

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As <a href="">Shafiq En' A-Free-Ka</a> album hits stores today, Shafiq Husayn drops off an elaborate remix of "Cheeba," featuring Bilal on the vocals and production by Nottz.

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