QoTD: Michael Jordan Vs. Kobe/LeBron One-On-One?

By | 82 Comments

Michael Jordan faced regular criticism as a company man but never held back on his thoughts on the game.

The Police Blotter

QoTD: Who Wants Their NFL Team To Pick Up Aaron Hernandez Next Season?

By | 14 Comments

Never thought Aaron Hernandez would be playing football again, unless it was of The Longest Yard variety, right.

#Star Wars

QoTD: What Star Wars Spin-Off Would You Most Like To See?

By | 14 Comments

When Disney bought Star Wars, you knew those mousey motherf*ckers were going to pimp the franchise in as many ways as possible.


QOTD: Who Should Play Tupac In His Upcoming Biopic?

By | 72 Comments

The long awaited film for 'Pac's life is closer to coming into existence.

#Kanye West

QoTD: What’s The Most You’ll Pay To See Kanye & Kendrick Perform Live?

By | 46 Comments

With <a href="">tickets available today</a> to see <a href="">Kanye and KDot</a> on the Yeezus tour this fall, some of us will be jumping through hoops to catch the colossal pairing.

#Kanye West

QOTD: Is Kanye’s “New Slaves” Second Verse The Greatest of All Time?

By | 103 Comments

I open the debate… The 2nd verse of New Slaves is the best rap verse of all time….


QoTD: What’s Your Initial Reaction To Apple’s iOS 7?

By | 22 Comments

Apple didn't announce a new iPhone during Monday's big reveal, but they may as well have.


QOTD: Do You Have A Side Chick?

By | 90 Comments

Trinidad Jame$ fueled a healthy, funny conversation for us and Twitter, too.


QOTD: What’s Your Most Played Song?

By | 87 Comments

If the world saw the behind-the-scenes debates between the Crew about our choices in music, we'd probably either be more entertaining than those Love & Hip-Hop flunkies or either in jail awaiting trial for quadruple homicide.


QoTD: Growing Up, Which Rapper Did You Want To Be?

By | 69 Comments

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we all can attribute a part of ourselves to another human being.


QoTD: Louisville Or Michigan?

By | 22 Comments

As March Madness comes to a close this Monday evening, who's your pick in tonight's Final Four championship game between the Louisville Cardinals, led by Peyton Siva, and the Michigan Wolverines, led by Naismith Men's College Basketball Player of the Year Trey Burke.


QoTD: What’s Your Favorite Season?

By | 66 Comments

There's something about being stuck in 100 or so days of weather you can't stand.

WUVS 103.7 The Beat

QoTD: Is MI Radio’s Decision To Pull Rick Ross, Lil Wayne’s Music Fair?

By | 43 Comments

A Michigan radio station decided enough was clearly enough when it came to questionable rap lyrics and social responsibility.


QoTD: Is Frank Ocean The New Prince of Pop?

By | 37 Comments

As bold proclamations go, media today doesn't show much restraint in the attempt to grab potential readers' attention.


QOTD: Which Rapper(s) Do You Love To Hate?

By | 182 Comments

The internet was made for four things: porn, getting free stuff, dumb videos and HATING.

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