Amar’e drops 30 to fight off Nuggets; Carmelo set on Knicks?

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Just like when the Pacers go to The Palace, it's become standard for any Knicks/Nuggets game at MSG to come standard with an air of hostility.

Wesley Johnson

Wayne Ellington talks Minnesota struggles and Carolina glory

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When he left the University of North Carolina in 2009, Wayne Ellington was on top of the college basketball world.


Carmelo calls in sick, Nuggets without remedy for Gang Green

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What do you do when you're facing a team with an identity crisis.


Go Get ‘Em: Top 5 Players Who Will Keep a Franchise Superstar Happy

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Last night's Heat/Cavs game exemplifies why I'm obsessed with sports.


Amar’e vs. Lopez in MSG shootout; Kobe’s Lakers lose three straight

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If you ever questioned the difference between a "quiet" basketball performance and a loud one, you wouldn't anymore after watching last night's Knicks/Nets game.


Knicks/Pistons bring back the ’80s; Lakers upset despite Kobe’s 41

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Raymond Felton could've gone to sleep immediately after the Knicks' double-overtime win in Detroit -- where he seriously did look like he was going to drop at any moment -- and he would still be tired and sick.

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Full Nelson: Jameer leads Magic past Heat in revenge game

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Dwight Howard and Brandon Bass trucked the opposition in the first half like they were Dwight Freeney and Brandon Jacobs.


Steve Nash, Suns rain 22 threes on Lakers in historic win

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If there is any truth to the rumors that the Knicks have been prying about Steve Nash's availability, Sunday provided two clear examples why New York would want to get the Nash-Amar'e-D'Antoni band back together again.


Westbrook outduels Miller; Knicks/Bulls renew the rivalry

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Evidence was building up for Russell Westbrook, if anything, to have a meltdown in crunch time rather than take over last night's Thunder/Blazers game.

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The Replacements: Top 5 NBA Players Filling The Void

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Early in the NBA season, it seems as though people are preoccupied with star players that were traded in the 2010 offseason and their new teams.

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Blazers ruin Knicks home opener; Derrick Rose destroys Detroit

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The best thing about Halloween weekend in New York City is that it's not much different from any other weekend.


Playoffs? The New York Knicks renaissance begins tonight

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As the NBA regular season tips off, we preview the upcoming eight-month stretch with our "Highs and Lows" system -- predicting the respective ceiling and basement for each team.


Undefeated Jazz shut down Kobe; Amar’e Stoudemire blows up

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You know it's bad when you shoot 2-for-13 and it actually might have helped your preseason percentages.

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