12.2 The Maildrop — The YMCMB B-Team, The Dark Knight Mystery & Forgiving Mystikal

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Another week, another installment of The Maildrop. The questions are rolling in at an increasing rate and getting better too so thanks to everyone participating. We enjoy digging into the variety of topics proposed so do keep sending and feel free to ask whatever you want. I promise, we have answers for any and everything.

1. Since Mystikal has been released, he’s been slowly building a buzz around a comeback, and his bars have sounded surprisingly solid. Yet do you feel comfortable supporting him as an artist, and playing his music (which will undoubtedly have countless references to dicking down females and having no love for ho’s), after he’s been convicted of raping a women on camera? — Matt M.

Sheeiitt, ‘Pac was convicted of rape, came out and rap was okay with it. R. Kelly pissed on somebody’s niece and we’ve moved on as if nothing’s happened. I’ve mentioned several times how I personally haven’t been able to really listen to the R-ruh the same because when he croons about sexing a chick, I’m always side-eyeing and requesting an ID check. My parents don’t seem to care or maybe they didn’t go onto the YouTubeys to check the sauna footage of Kelly giving the chick a golden shower. They still say “that boy can sang.”

Now, I didn’t see what Mystikal did (got a link to the tape?) but I do remember there was a lot of questioning of the validity of the lady’s case since there were allegations that she was attempting to blackmail him or something far out like that. It’s whatever at this point. That man did his time, let him come back and rhyme. Still, I wouldn’t let my wife or daughter hang out with him backstage. — Gotty™

2. Is Beware the only TSS member thats a fan of the friendly neighborhood playa potna Suga Free? And what do you guys think of his up and coming Thunder & Lightning album with Pimpin Young?

In my book, new Suga Free is always good Suga Free…would’ve been the answer I gave in 2006. However, in 2012, the DJ Quik-less material Free’s putting out at this point in his career is somewhat watered down. And, as any true pimp should know, you never dish out diluted game. Plus, this Pimpin Young character’s style is a carbon copy of the Pomona Pimp’s ranting, spoken-word flow. So, while I’m happy to hear the Street Gospel star is still paying bills with his music, I’m probably not going to listening to much of this tape. As far as anyone else here on TSS, I know KING is a fan of Free, so I could see him giving it a few spins. — Beware

3. How does anyone feel about Busta Rhymes signing to Young Money? Is this the kick he needs/ deserves or should he be somewhere else/independent? — 410chism

We all can’t be executives. Plus if he were independent, he wouldn’t have access to Chris Brown and Justin Bieber…or should I say “Shawty Mane.” Those two are keeping Busta relevant. They’re the secret ingredients to “old heads” finding success again. Boyz II Men has a new album out. I know this because I Wiki’ed them after hearing about their stint as Bieber’s backup singers. — Word

4. If there’s no sign of a Tyga album despite having had a monster single with “Deuces,” an ultra successful mixtape with Chris Brown, and another big hit with “Rack City.” And there’s no sign of a Corey Gunz album despite having his own TV show on MTV, being featured on “6”7″,” and being an XXL freshmen. If you were managing these artists, or the lesser known ones such as Gudda Gudda and Jae Millz, would you encourage them to stay on the label or do their best to leave and start in a new direction? — Matt Moretti

Man, look. I feel what you’re saying, but everyone can’t be a superstar. It’s impossible. The fact Young Money has three bonafide bread winners on their roster is ridiculous. As soon as Take Care crosses the million sold plateau, that’ll signify three platinum albums in 2011 for YMCMB. You know how many labels would love to have three platinum RAPPERS in their stable? **Birdman hand rub** Tyga, on the other hand, is actually serviceable, but let’s be real, he will likely never be what Drake and Nicki eventually blossomed into.

And I swear I’m not trying to disrespect dude. He’ll give you a club banger/strip club anthem. That “Rack City” joint is ridiculous in the club, but do the masses really want that full length project from him? Nah. Oh, and “Deuces” was a smash hit largely because of Chris Brown. There’s no denying that. And I hate to break David D.’s heart, but Gunz lost his time to blow a long, long time ago. To keep it 100, that reality show kind of exposed how much dude wasn’t meant to be put on this pedestal his flow would warrant you to believe. So, yeah, everybody can’t be a chief. You need role players to make the world go ’round. Just ask the 2008 Boston Celtics about James Posey.

Think about YMCMB’s B-Team like this though. The trickle down pussy has to be amazing. Drake and Weezy can’t f*ck every groupie that comes their way, so that’s where the homies Gudda Gudda and Jae Millz come into play. Millz came out with “No, No, No” damn near a decade ago and we’re still not any closer to seeing a solo album from buddy. You never leave a gig unless there’s a better one being presented to you anyway. He may as well be Young Money’s John Salley and ride the bench and just collect rings. Wouldn’t you? — J. Tinsley

Editor’s Note: This is the longest question in the history of questions. This is the War & Peace of questions. The question is so lengthy we had to split it up. Grab a Snickers before you even thinking of scrolling down for this bad boy lol.

5. My name is Ryan P. I have been a fan of the site since I started college at GSU (GA Southern) back in ’07 and I thought it would be cool to bring to you guys a question from the argument an associate, Michael and I are having over this whole new Batman flick.

Wait. You and your homie sit around debating the new Batman movie? How do you squeeze that into your schedules with all the p*ssy you guys are obviously getting?

I grew up watching and reading Batman shows and comics, so I’m really hoping that with the use of Bane as his main enemy in this movie, they include the moment when Bane defeats Batman by breaking his back. I personally think that including this moment could simply give the audience a new respect for the character of Batman. It would be humanizing and humbling, and his recovery could be what newer fans would need to latch onto the series and see Batman in a different light.

What, seeing him as someone with a horrible lisp and a soft porn-y grumble isn’t the light you want to see him in?

Especially since it seems like they’re not even attempting to bring Robin into the fold.

“Well, I for one, won’t be attending this movie anymore!” © Jerry Sandusky

If they’re going to tear apart an established franchise, and pick and choose what to include, why not include such a powerful moment that would be so vivid, the fanboys would have no choice but to look over it?

Michael thinks that would be taking the easy way out, rather than bringing a different spin to it, and overall just fan service. To rip it straight from the books is lazy in his opinion and he wants to see what Christopher Nolan can do to bring something new and refreshing to the table. Because the Batman franchise is so massive, he has no choice but to take massive liberties with it, and I agree, but come on. If this was a film about Nas and Jay Z going at it again, wouldn’t you still want to see how they would portray the next diss? Even though you KNEW Nas had already proved he could rip Jay with “Ether”? ( I know that’s a long-shot comparison, but hopefully you get the point).

Spoiler Alert: I don’t get the point.

I would really like you guys opinion on this because it seems like dedication to what has already been well written has fallen to the wayside in hopes of making a bigger bang and buck in the box office. For example the first three X-men films, the Last Airbender, even Batman Begins. The Last Airbender had everyone pissed to the point people just stopped going.

I think anyone expecting a good movie from M. Nigh Shyamalan is asking for punishment. I don’t listen to Gucci pissed because he doesn’t address Occupy Wall Street or socioeconomic inequalities or competent grammar use.

Stuff like that is the reason why I’m kind of iffy about going to see these big budget, live-action releases. I really don’t like good things from my childhood shitted on. Hopefully there’s a few people who feel the same.

I think the reason movies are so much different from the comics written about them is because of the simple fact that certain things that work for comic books just won’t work on the big screen. There are three comic book movies that come to mind that tried to adapt straight from the source material: 300, Sin City and Watchmen. And they ended up being not as good as the comics and looked like hokie odes instead of original movies. See: them scrapping the whole idea of Robin. And if you read the Bane story from the ’90s where Bane broke Bat’s back, you’ll see it’s full of corny shit (if you recall, Batman spent like three issues fighting an evil ventriloquist). Don’t think of it as bastardizing something from your childhood. It’s just them using the character and building something made for the big screen. Now, you and Michael can sleep well. — David D.

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