04.19.09 8 years ago 73 Comments

The Peter King Twitter Is Here, And It Defines Clutch. Folks, I’m happy to report after a full week of intensive tutoring, Peter King has finally opened up his own Twitter account. My favorite entry thus far: Have a good day. Off to run some errands. Hey, thanks to Karen Dmochowsky and Sam Farmer for making Twitter sound not so intimidating. 8:34 AM Apr 18th from web. Yes, it took not one, but TWO people to help Peter open his Twitter account. Please note that is two more people than the average person requires to open a Twitter account. Then again, I can see how daunting it might be to click a GET STARTED button, then to enter a name, email, password, and username, followed by retyping an odd phrase into a word verification box. “ANOINTS THE”? This Twitter stuff is crazy! WHERE DO I GO TO FOLLOW TOONE P. WIGGINS?!

Thanks to Johnny for the link.

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