2014 KSK Fantasy Team Naming Guide

08.21.14 3 years ago 296 Comments

It’s that time again. Fantasy drafting season is in full swing. For the more eager among us, it might already be over. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get a great name for your fantasy team. Chances are, you aren’t winning shit this season and that will become abundantly clear all too soon. So the best you can hope for is having a name that is the envy of the rest of your league. Allow KSK to be of some assistance.

Broad City DJs
Johnny Rookie Bitch
Drunk Swans
The Honorary N-Words
Dead Robin Williams Society
Hobby Lobby Unwanted Miracles
Twinks for Sam
The Locker Room Distractions
Rex Grossman: Goin’ Deep In The Brown
Your Favorite Player Just Tore His ACL
Flagged in the Anus
LeShareIt Blunt
Le’Veon Weed Smell
Luck of the Amish
Not ALL Schiano Men
Basic Bitches
Marc Trestman’s Pedobears
Ebola Gay
DeSean Gang Tackle
Jags Suicide Pool
We Built This CTE on Rock ‘n’ Roll
Hitch Route Don’t Kill My Vibe
Andy Dalton’s Big Money Gingahs
The Round Mound of McCown Town
Kinky Alonso
Beats By Ray
Lord have MRSA
NFL Memes’ Lord have MRSA
The Nick Folertariat
Three Million Papa John Pizzas
Jerry Jones’s backdoor ladies
True Detective 6-10 Season
50 shades of Mike Smith
Josh Gordon’s Phishermen
Prisco’s Jorts
Tony Dungy’s Beard
Clowney’s Motor
Tom Brady’s Butt Touchers
Ray Rice presents: Elevator Action by Taito
Hoyer? I hardly knew her!
PK’s Wichita Linemen
Brady’s Night, And The Feelin’s Right
Jim Irsay’s Wake-Up Call
Magic in the Warren Moonlight
Gio Bernard’s Recliner Of Rage
My team is also named Bortles
D’Fuckdacops Ferguson
I Signed Up For Fantasy Football And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next
Autodrafted Players Ranked by SB Nation Presented by Yahoo!
Greg Hardy’s Kraken Stick
Fantasy Team or Rom-Com?
The Dildo Sheaths
Texas Teabagging With Jerry Jones
Rob Ryan Piss Bucket Challenge
House of Sharts
The Pot in Our Stars
Right Guardians of the Galaxy
The Washington Original Americans
Backhoes for Justice
The Washington Subcontinents
Straight Bitcoin, Homie

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