“I’m A Recovering Undercover Over-lover…”

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A woman better described as “Mother Earth” or “Aphrodite” sirens from your speakers and stands 20 Feet Tall over you. She sees over your 20-foot wall. She is neither good, nor evil, nor anything you can wrap your mind around, so you allow your ears to do the defining. You’re in this sound, this genre, this vehicle she manifested by a seemingly divine rite, and she rests you comfortably on her back bench in a Window Seat. You can’t sit next to her. You will never be able to sit next to her. Men who have been her passenger have disappeared, or been destroyed by love, or never became well again from a stone-like state of Agitation.

You don’t want to become one of the bewitched, but you already are. You are he who would sigh and die for the opportunity just to say “Turn Me Away.” Here’s the imagined life of many men who have proven her fertility, only to prove their paralleling ineptitude. They cannot contain a woman who, when she turns to walk away, incurs the sentiments “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long.” But she never turns to a pillar of salt over a Sodom and Gomorrah love. Umm Hmm. She got him. She got them. Bad. With.


She created an -izm. She held the weapon of your mother. She conducted a subterranean planet. She founded a new country in Part One. And now that she has answered all the calls and cries and questions you’ve had for her, you’re left with even more. Like, “What would be the end result and odds of You Loving Me for a second or a (Session)?” And her latest reply is “You would Fall In Love” but it would be (Your Funeral.) It would be some slow singing and flower bringing for this Mother Earth. This Aphrodite.

You’re afraid of her essence. Of her Incense. But you, and I, and we can only beg for more. She drives me Out Of My Mind, Just In Time. Right before I’m with all the others who have been caught by the siren of her song. Guess I’m a fool for you too, Badu.

New AmErykah Part Two is a logical progression in Ms. Badu’s book. It’s the next chapter. So if you’ve been reading and following all along, you won’t be disappointed.

Erykah Badu – “Fall In Love (Your Funeral)”
Erykah Badu – “Out Of My Mind, Just In Time”

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