Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Pummels Fellow Inmate

02.25.14 4 years ago 45 Comments

herncorr[Not pictured: Aaron Hernandez]

The folks at TMZ have another NFL-related scoop a week after they helpfully furnished video of Ray Rice dragging an unconscious woman out of an elevator. According to them, Aaron Hernandez beat up a fellow inmate at Bristol County Jail “pretty good” (not an ELITE level prison beating?) in a rare instance that the former Patriots tight end wasn’t kept in isolation.

Sources tell us the former New England Patriots tight end — who is usually segregated from the general population — was allowed to take a walk in an isolated hallway … but somehow came into contact with another inmate.

We’re told Hernandez recognized the other inmate and launched into an attack — beating the other man up pretty badly.

Sources tell us … Hernandez and the other man had been beefing all day long. One source says the other guy had been harassing Aaron nonstop. Clearly, Hernandez was pissed.

Unclear how this other inmate was able to bother Hernandez if he’s usually kept in solitary, but I suppose that’s less important than the revelation that a beating occurred.

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