Aaron Smith’s More Than Malibu’s Most Wanted

09.09.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

You may or probably won’t remember MTV2’s 8-show series, Buzzin,’ which featured rapper Shwayze and his producer counterpart Cisco Adler parading around Malibu acting like Entourage was real life. Well, since you have to put in work before you see success, this short-lived show never took off and the artists were left with a MTV tramp stamp on their backs.

But, for the persistent, big blows make for bigger comebacks.

Dropping the Dirty-Dancing-invoking-moniker and reverting to his government, the artist now known simply as Aaron Smith has released the soundtrack to his new, more subdued lifestyle, Love Stoned. Via an innocent, colorful and free-spirited record that provides an environment similar to Mike Posner’s Matter Of Time and should make Travie McCoy step his game up, this rapper/singer/songwriter has proven his worth is much more than some reality show. Filled to the brim with radio-ready dittys like The Cataracs’ assisted single, “Love Letter” and the nappy-headed dance anthem “Hippy,” this free mixtape could pass for a major label debut.

Give this guy a budget, a 14-state tour and 12 months, then watch him blow bigger than half these middle of the pack rappers who still haven’t figured out their lane.

DownloadAaron Smith – Love Stoned Mixtape

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