Notable Quotable – Action Bronson On “Live Blasphemous”

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action bronson live blasphemous

“Been on the road alone
If I don’t make it home, somebody call my momma
Hand on the Llama thinking ‘Damn, I’m too old for drama’
You know the money stay in the case until the product’s tested
Lookin’ Asian in the Lexus, double-gold on the crest shit
Rollin’ German supplexes straight into duplexes,
Yo calm down you actin’ wild, peep the style
Long shotty down the leg, graduated like a cap and gown,
Blast a pussyclot, claim the carcass like a Basset Hound
Ah, I’ll throw a child down the stairs if needed,
The next day, see me smoking with my fans in Sweden
‘Why are you breathin?’ are the questions that I ponder
As I sit in the gray Charger somber, blastin’ salsa,
I need a doctor, all my wolves like Kevin Costner,
Play the part like you won seven Oscars,
I used to have seven partners (no more)
And now we cop choppers to lift you like it’s Heaven’s opera
Bronson Sinatra”

Joey Fatts almost earned the mention for his opening verse for his track “Live Blasphemous.” But, any artist appearing on song with Action Bronson has to go in knowing they’re liable to end up owning the song’s second-best verse. But with a closer listen, Fatts’ opener is just as important as Bronson’s because it sets the stage by showing the youthful angle of living the fast life.

But, it’s when Bam Bam comes through that things get more serious. If Donnie Brasco’s Lefty Ruggiero could rap, Action would be his ghostwriter. His lines take the contrasting perspective of a vet (“Hand on the Llama thinking ‘Damn, I’m too old for drama'”) and covers the other end of the spectrum, adding in wisdom, regret and the treacherous traits required as survival tools for the trade. In ways, he’s tired but too far into the life too turn around so he celebrates it for what it is.

Chalk up another miraculous piece of music to put in Bronsolino’s archives.

* – Also, thanks to Action for taking the time to correct a few of the lyrics.

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