The Details: adidas Energy Boost 2.0 ‘Black/Solar Blue’

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03.27.14 7 Comments

adidas Energy Boost 2 lead

On Wednesday, the FedEx fairy came through with a special delivery from friends at Finish Line. Inside the package was one of the illest shoeboxes I’ve ever laid eyes on. It was sent as promo packaging for adidas’ new Energy Boost 2.0 in black-on-black – along with other goodies – and the box itself had the look of the shoe’s familiar sole. I’m really not sure which one I favor more, the box or the shoes. Long term, the kicks will win but the box still rules.

On a more serious note, I’m most interested in seeing how they improved from V1 to V2. The first take was superb in my experience. I ran in the first Boost and wear the adistar Boost for casual use. For running, they absorbed shock evenly across the foot and, for walking, they made for a strong all-day shoe. That’s as close to perfection as a shoe can get so making that even better is a high challenge.

Many thanks to both companies because I’ve been itchin’ to try the Boost 2.0. Have I declared my love for these things enough yet? Okay, then I won’t burden anyone further. Just know these are going out for a test run beginning Friday and they’re available now at Finish Line.

adidas Energy Boost 2 2

adidas Energy Boost 2

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adidas boost book 075

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