Answering 7 Frequently Asked Questions About The adidas Springblade Razor

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Last week, my Finish Line friends shipped over a pair of the new adidas Springblade Razors, the second generation of the Stripes’ latest model building off the first generation. I’m not a true runner, even though I try to do 1.5-2 miles each day. My motivation to get out and get it is to combat all the hours spent in front of a computer screen and I want to believe doing cardio cancels out all the cancer sticks I inhale daily.

Instead of doing a traditional review, it made more sense to address the questions curious people always hit me with both online and off when I speak about the Springblades or wear them out publicly. Plus, shooting pics for them is always fun too since the overall design is eye-catching.

1. Can you run backwards in them?

The question is one of the first things people ask and one we’ve answered before. Yes, you can definitely run backwards in them but how often do you run backwards? Not too often right? That still doesn’t explain why I still get hit with the question. I worked at a shoe store and I don’t ever recall any shoppers asking “Do you have shoes I can run backwards in?”

2. Can you run sideways in them?

Second only to the “run backwards” question. Again, how often do we move sideways at a fast pace? Not too often. If anyone’s involved in workouts or other activities that require lateral movement, a training shoe would probably be the better choice. You can make cuts and such with the Razors but these are built for forward motion on flat surfaces. Based off those ideas alone, using them for anything other than running, jogging or walking is a bit counterproductive.

3. What happens if one of the blades breaks off?

No idea, buddy. Haven’t snapped one off that this point. However, they’re constructed of a really tough plastic so having one break off might require really heavy wear or the wearer doing a bonehead move like stopping a bike with your foot or something.

4. Can you drive in them?

This one is tricky. Yes, you can but your foot will slip off the pedals if you get careless. I think it happened to me on the second or third time driving in them. Not a chronic problem but it does occur.

5. How do they feel?

Comfortable. Top notch stability. Casually, they can be rocked all day without causing your feet or legs to tire. Responsive but not in an overwhelming bounce-back way like most hope to experience. They do very well absorbing impact, making for a smooth ride. They’re also technically on the heavy side when compared to other runners, clocking in at around 13 ounces (more tech specs here).

I’ve consistently said that I prefer the Boost tech over the Springblade but it’s because the Springs take a short break in period before you really get the propulsion vibe. I haven’t read any research, just my own experience, but I’d wager that heavier runners fair better in the model than lighter people. The Boost feel ready almost right out of the box.

6. Do people ask a lot of questions or stare at them?

Dramatic yes. Springblades are a neckbreaker in every sense of the word. The design catches the eye of any and everyone, from old people to little elementary school kids, who call them “shark shoes.” The idea that they’re conversation pieces is probably the draw for a lot of people wearing the Razors. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that since most folks buy shoes for fashion as much as they do function. The good thing is they function, making sure you’re money’s well spent.

7. Can I get one of those boxes?

Nah, son. It’s ill as hell though, right? Dope, personalized touch by FNL and adidas. Always coming through with supreme presentation.

The light scarlet, black and metallic silver seen here is a Finish Line exclusive available here.














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