Adrian Wilson Will Swap Diapers For Jersey Number

03.22.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Lil’ Arrington

Adrian Wilson wore the jersey number 24 throughout his 12 seasons with the Cardinals. He would like to remain 24 even now that he’s joined the Patriots. Except that number is presently owned by new teammate and fellow safety Kyle Arrington. Usually when this sort of thing happens, the incoming veteran throws a little money to the younger guy, the switch is made and everyone is happy. Wilson doesn’t anticipate any difficulty coming to an agreement with his new teammate, but just in case, he’s showing that he’s willing to really up the stakes.

He hopes he’s made Arrington, who became a father just six days ago, an offer he can’t refuse.

“I offered him a year’s supply of Pampers,” Wilson said. “Hope he gets back to me.”

On Twitter, Arrington said Wilson “may have to throw some formula in there too.”

Another situation where the loss of Wes Welker has come back to bite the team. Welker, after all, has endorsed adult diapers. Those are almost the same thing as regular diapers. What I’m trying to say is Welker has connects in the diaper community.

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