Coming Attractions: The Air Jordan 3 ‘Infrared’

01.11.14 4 years ago 13 Comments

Air Jordan III Infrared 1

Words By Retro Boogie

After a Niketalk OG dashed our hopes of an Air Jordan 3 ‘Katrina’ release, there’s another Jordan 3 release slated for March. The Air Jordan 3 ‘Infrared’ looks a bit like a mishmash of the Cements, Fire Reds, and Black/Red editions all put together. Definitely a Frankenstein feel to them. Were it not for the tiny amounts of infrared in the shoe, they’d almost pass as an ‘Oreo’ colorway.

The Katrina 3s looked dope. These a little less so, but given the simplicity of the shoe, it’s hard to see them not selling well even with the tumbled pleather Jordan utilizes these days for its releases. In other words, these might not be worthy of an early wake up call or hustling to different malls for a chance to hit the Jordan lottery, but they’re still clean enough to be a pair of respectable everyday sneakers. Although with what they’re hitting for these days, maybe they shouldn’t be rocked as daily beaters.

The Air Jordan 3 ‘Infrared’ releases March 8th, 2014.

Air Jordan III Infrared 2

Air Jordan III Infrared 3

Air Jordan III Infrared 4

Photos: stmr

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