Al Davis Will Not Lower Himself With Your Award Ceremonies

03.23.10 8 years ago 28 Comments


The Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame tried for the second time to induct Al Davis into their pantheon of localized sports greatness, only for Count Al to blow them off once again and not show up for the ceremony without telling anyone first. That left John Madden to present and accept the award on his behalf, all the while explaining that Davis is simply a misunderstood megalomaniac who really only has the best interests for your discarded entrails at heart.

Though Davis wasn’t at the ceremony Monday, don’t think he doesn’t care. Displayed with each inductee’s plaque is a brief biography written by a sportswriter. When BASHOF sent Davis his bio for inspection, a courtesy aimed at correcting errors, Davis rejected it and asked that it be completely rewritten by a different writer.

“You call this hagiography? BAH! Get me that Theodore Dreiser fellow. Now there’s a scribe who could make Dengue fever as popular as Audie Murphy.”

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