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11.19.10 7 years ago 42 Comments

I haven’t been around much this week because I was selected for jury duty on Monday. It’s about as much fun as you’d expect. I’m not supposed to talk about the case until after it’s over, so you’ll have to wait for the details of my mundane life experiences. Suffice it to say, I’ve gone completely mad with power.

Oh, and I realize that I haven’t been around here or on my Twitter feed much this week, so I haven’t been able to offer my thoughts on the Redskins.

They’re totally fucked, as always.

For more you can listen to me at On the DL. Dan Levy is enjoying all of this way too much for my liking.

On to the picks.

Last Week: 5-9
Overall: 71-66-6

Chicago -1.5 @ Miami

Tyler Thigpen.

Baltimore -10 @ Carolina

Brian St. Pierre.

Buffalo @ Cincinnati -5.5

Buffalo is 3-0-1 ATS over the last four weeks, while the Bengals are 1-3. I did not consider this while making my picks during a lunch break at the courthouse. Their wifi won’t let me on KSK, much less

Detroit @ Dallas – 6.5

Eh, go Dallas? Fuck.

Cleveland @ Jacksonville -1.5

This is starting to feel like a lot of favorites.

Arizona @ Kansas City -8


Green Bay -3 @ Minnesota

Well come on, I wasn’t going to bet on Favre, was I?

Houston @ New York Jets – 7

Schaub practiced today. I blame the hospital.

Oakland @ Pittsburgh – 7.5

Hey, another favorite. I can already feel that hook fucking me.

Washington +7 @ Tennessee – 7

I finally pick against a favorite, and it’s for the Redskins. I really do hate myself.

Seattle +11.5 @ New Orleans

It’s not getting any better.

Tampa Bay +3 @ San Francisco

At least there’s one I can agree with in hindsight. The 49ers have been favored seven times. They’ve lost more than half of them outright, and a fifth against the spread. Ugh, they’re going to win by 20.

Atlanta -3 @ St. Louis

Atlanta hasn’t been blowing anyone out lately, but they’re playing really well.

Indianapolis @ New England -3

Because fuck the Colts.

New York Giants @ Philadelphia -3

I’m pretty sure I always pick against the Giants. Seems appropriate this week.

Denver +10 @ San Diego

I think we can all agree that Monday Night Football is pretty much useless at this point.

Back to the jury box!

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