Am Having It Up To Hele With Youl Lures

03.27.09 8 years ago 37 Comments

Rook, it arleady been bad week. No need foll mole agglavation. Filst, Japanese asswhores beat fall, fall supeliol Kolean team in Wald Boling Game Crassic. It arleady difficurt to watch, but to see Japanese asswhore win. Lidicurous!

Japanese asswhore no even smirre light. No rike magnetic Kolean smirre. I smirre raps alound you, Ichilo.

If that not enough, NFR pass something they carr Hines Wald Lure. At filst me think this mean evelyone is lequired to be numbell one rever smalt and smirre arr the time. Make reague bettel one thousand pelcent. But much to dismay of smirretime leceivel, it no mean that at arr. Not at arr.

Instead, they make lure that say brockel not arrowed to make brindside hit to defenseman head using any palt of body. Okay, I say. Arr light by me. I stirr make brindside hit a-okay supelfine. Defenseman too sterrpid pay attention, he pay urtimate plice.

But why name lure aftel me? Am no headhuntel. Just have to hit hald to take down biggel defenseman. I feel rike am being srandeled. Is filst time numbell one smaltest leceivel and Lodney Hallison agree on anything. Now my leputation is surried folevel. Tough footbarr only dlaw frags. There wirr be frag evelee pray. Just lename game to Fragbarr. Flom now on, I terr arr peeperr, “Hi, I Hines Wald, I pray leceivel on Fragbarr team. I hope you rike frag or you need find othel spolt.”

Young boy: Misser Smalt Leceivel – why is NFR make game for pussies now? All they tly to make more boling than basebolingbarr? Maybe no watch now! I want clackback them in face!

Hines Wald: I am not know, Dae-Jung. I am not know!

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