Amar’e Bangs On Tyrus Thomas, Baron Gets #Based

04.27.12 5 years ago 10 Comments

Now, the Charlotte Bobcats are in the wrong chapter of the history books. Their 84-104 loss to the Knicks last night set them at 7-59 and that’s only the beginning. Paul Silas’s bunch ended the season on a 23 game losing streak with an NBA all-time worst .106 winning percentage. The Anthony Davis sweepstakes can’t come soon enough for Michael Jordan’s collection of ne’er do wells.

That’s enough on the doom and gloom. Amar’e Stoudemire picked a good night to troll Charlotte’s front court to the max as he scored efficiently in limited minutes. Then he capped his night with an assault on Tyrus Thomas when Charlotte’s rotations fell apart. The play took me back to Stoudy’s younger days when he jumped out the arena on the regular. I knew his legs didn’t leave him just yet.

I don’t know what’s better though; the dunk or Baron eating like a master chef after the and 1 call. I’ll go with latter since Baron’s celebration gives me the excuse to call him Lil B as a temporary nickname. Boom Dizzle just got all “Oh my God STATGod!” out of nowhere even if it lasted for a few seconds. Now I won’t be surprised when Davis starts cooking during the playoffs.

“Then STAT dunks the ball (WHOOP!)/The he f*cks yo b*tch (SWAG, SWAG!!)” huh Tyrus?

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