And…Here We Go Again

08.03.10 7 years ago 54 Comments

WILL HE OR WON’T HE 2010 is officially underway–Brett Favre has reportedly told teammates that he intends to retire and not play in a 20th NFL season this fall. So he’s definitely gonna play now, right? While Brett hasn’t commented publicly, we’re free to speculate why the announcement came out now.

  • Holding out hope for a spot in the Arrested Development movie.
  • He wants to finish his career with the Heat.
  • Holding out for a new contract; he wants to be the league’s highest-paid quadragenarian.
  • NFL offices’ refusal to let Favre change his number to “double possum.”
  • Still busy trying to chase BP executives off his lawn.
  • He’s covered in oil! Derp derp derp!
  • He hates training camp.
  • See you in Week 1, Brett!

    Directed by the immortal Marty Callner

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