And It All Comes Down to Douche

02.03.08 10 years ago 29 Comments

Or at least it will after another eight-hour hype injection.

We’ve had more than a sneaking suspicion all along that it might come to this, and now we’re at least hoping for a mercifully competitive game out of these two teams. And at least one mildly amusing commercial wouldn’t hurt either. Because we don’t get another meaningful football game for another seven goddamn months and I’m not quite ready to deal with that.

Either way, history is tied to New England today. If they win, they’re the first 19-0 team ever in the NFL. If they lose, it’s the Greatest Choke Job of All-Time. A Giants win is an inspiring and unlikely title run, but ultimately replicating a feat the Steelers pulled off two years earlier. And Pey-Pey and Eli have something to go with their matching decoder rings.

Enjoy whatever boozy party you happen to visit. If you’re gonna drive drunk, make sure to mow down any celebrating Pats fans you might see in the street. No worries; no jury will convict you.

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