And Today’s Cutest Kid Is This Rapping Two-Year-Old

12.07.11 6 years ago 11 Comments

There’s no actual proof that the toddler in the video is actually two but let’s just assume he is. The little tyke doesn’t seem to be screaming out anything discernible and the onesie indicates that he can’t be too old. And that’s what makes it impressive because the lil guy definitely has the mannerisms and flow patterns down pat to be future rapper.Still, this is the Internet so you have to include a disclaimer, lest you end up looking foolish. So “yeah, I never believed he was only two anyways.” You know, just in case it turns out the little guy’s a midget and he’s standing there screaming screaming f*ck all ya’ll aggins in Swahili © Makaveli.

Props to Refined Hype for the find.

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