Andre Reed Called Johnny Manziel ‘Johnny Rookie Bitch’

07.29.14 3 years ago 66 Comments

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In a piece in New York Magazine that mostly focuses on the future of the Bills, Bon Jovi’s attempt to purchase the team and the enmity the city of Buffalo has for him, there’s a section in which two fans trying to keep the team in Buffalo caught up with Andre Reed, the soon-to-be Hall of Fame enshrined former Bills receiver, in a casino. While expressing such sentiments as “Fuck Bon Jovi!”, Reed saw a Johnny Manziel tweet broadcast on ESPN in which the quarterback mentioned being boys with LeBron.

That led to this tirade:

“Who the fuck is Johnny Manziel?” Reed asked. “LeBron ain’t your guy! You’re not ‘Johnny Football.’ You’re ‘Johnny Rookie Bitch.’ ” Reed said he didn’t think a blue-collar town like Buffalo, which he thought wears an even truer shade of denim than Cleveland, would stand for Manziel’s antics. “They’d boo that motherfucker outta here,” he said. “The fans would put him in his place.”

Well, no chance that Manziel attends Reed’s induction ceremony now. Based on what we know about Manziel, he’s probably already denied Andre Reed an invite to his. Nevertheless, Johnny Rookie Bitch should have some staying power for the 2014 season.


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