Angie Martinez Appears On The Breakfast Club And Talks Loyalty And Why She Left Hot 97

06.24.14 3 years ago 35 Comments
Angie Martinez breakfast


Rapper (remember that?) and radio personality Angie Martinez shocked fans last week when she announced her departure from New York’s Hot 97 to take a job with rival station Power 105.1.

This morning, Angie appeared on The Breakfast Club and addressed the whole “these hoes ain’t loyal” comments and why she left the station she’s been holding down for 15 years.

Why she left Hot 97:

“It was time for me to grow and to do things. There’s so much things…I’m sure you all know. This company (Clear Channel) offers so much opportunity for growth and I want to be on in different cities. I wanna be able to grow, I wanna be able to have new challenges, see new things. I wanna learn this studio and this studio works. It was time. I feel like I’ve done what I could do with that company (Emmis Communications) and I think my friendships remain. I never subscribe to, because somebody works somewhere else, we have to be enemies.”

On loyalty:

“It’s business and people leave jobs all the time. I’m not disloyal at all. I’ve always been extremely loyal. I put, I don’t know how many years of my life, down for that company. And even like, the highest of higher ups, which is where I went to make the first call, like ‘I’ve decided to take this amazing offer that I got,’ they said, ‘you’ve served this company so well for so many years, I could do nothing but wish you well.’ It was no, ‘How dare you! Why would leave us?!’ It was emotional and sad, but nobody was angry. Nobody felt like, ‘you’re doing the wrong thing.’ Everyone said, ‘This is the right thing to do for your career.'”

Expect to hear the former Hot 97 personality on Power 105 the second or third week of July.

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