Ashanti Ft. Rick Ross – “I Got It”

11.26.13 4 years ago

Ashanti I Got It

Since we have a thing for Ashanti’s fine self, we’ll never pass up an opportunity to speak her name. That’s like the boss asking would you like extra cash on your check, a restaurant manager insisting the meal be on the house and other blessings.

Her latest track, “I Got It,” has a Hip-Hop mystique, taking Ashanti back to when her Murder Inc. family ran rap. The singer takes a sassy turn and flaunts her independent woman steez, which I could totally get down with if she left Ross off the track. He’s easy to ignore though if you just simply close your eyes and imagine waking up to Ashanti until his short appearance is over.

Her upcoming album, BraveHeart, is due out this winter.

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