AZ Channels The Brothers Johnson’s Classic On “Red Magic”

07.05.14 3 years ago 3 Comments

AZ Red Magic

After listening to AZ’s “Red Magic,” it’s clear the Brooklyn rapper knows his fan base quite well.

While we patiently wait for Doe Or Die 2 to see the light, the veteran MC quietly tides us over with a knocking recreation of one of The Brothers Johnson’s biggest songs “Strawberry Letter 23,” which is nearly undeniable.

Sure, the sample is obvious and the track touches on topics we’ve heard plenty of times. But, the fact is AZ has always personified class on the microphone and with producers BabyPaul & Beat Fanatik flipping this ’70s classic completely on it’s head, longtime listeners will inevitably appreciate how complete of a package Sosa can still deliver, even after two decades into the game.

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