Type Your Mother With Those Fingers?

06.22.10 7 years ago

Oh joy, as if having your teacher slap you across the back of your head wasn’t already reminder enough to not use swear words when you type, now the company Ultra Modern Life Training Lab has developed a box to remind you just how limited your vocabulary really is. The invention is called Pepper Mouth and through the magic of technology sex, it plugs into your computer’s USB, then triggering a fragrance atomizer to release a Godawful stink when profanity is typed.

Pepper Mouth is part of a series of objects in the Ultra-Modern-Life Training Lab, that are attempts to visualize the new kinds of surveillance online which people are not fully aware of.

Also the smell is very persistent to not leave. Just like things you type and send, it is there to stay. So you better watch it! [I read that lesson in Chicken Soup for the Dipsh-t -Ed.]

There also is a light inside to warn you of your behavior before releasing the smell. But if you insist, it starts releasing the fragrance.[UltraModernLifeTrainingLab]

Not gonna’ lie, the video below is pretty weak and doesn’t really demonstrate the product all that well, so it’s a good thing I went ahead and added photos with captions to help illustrate the excitement. I’m also a little bothered that the company doesn’t mention if particular names are considered taboo by the Pepper Mouth. I mean, should I feel safe typing A-A-R-O-N C-A-R-T-E-R into my keyboard or do I have to live with the constant fear that, at any given moment, it could smell like Brock Lesnar’s ass in my mouth?

Pictures and video after the jump:

Tralla la…

Careful, watch your f–king fingers, bro…

Bummer, now it smells like queefs.

Pepper Mouth from ozge kirimlioglu on Vimeo.

Thanks to dvice for the tip.

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